Saturday, 20 October 2007

Roll on 7.30

SOOOOO excited, cant wait until Robin Hood at 7.30 tonight! I have waited with baited breath and whispering humbleness all week for this episode to see the gorgeous one remove his leathers and make thousands of women swoon even more so than usual... I was even tempted to add this pic as my screen saver at work but didnt think my boss would be impressed so refrained.

Have just returned from a fun birthday party (for my four year old nephew) with lots of chocolate cake and rose (for the adults at least) and am now trotting off to the shed to catch up. Woke at 2am this morning with a great start to a new book and wrote it all down as I blearily did my best to focus on the page. I didnt remember until this afternoon that I had written anything at all and was relieved when I took a peak that I could decipher the notes fairly well.

Must dash. The laptop and Midget Gems beckon.

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