Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Elliot Cowan, Awards & Windfalls

I can't wait to watch 'Lost in Austen' tonight as I'm sure it'll be fun. I'm also looking forward to seeing the divine Elliot Cowan as Mr Darcy. I recently noticed him in an old Poirot where he played an evil Irish murderer. Now I don't know how perfect his accent was, but it sounded heavenly to me. Hercule said, "Ah, so this is the face of evil." (or some such thing) and I thought, I couldn't care what he's the face of just keep that damn camera pointed at him for as long as possible.

First day of term today and having lectured J & S about being prepared for school, focusing on their work and doing their best. Last night J got up from watching tv in the lounge and said, "Right, I'm off to my room." Bless, thought I, what a dedicated chap, he's listened to everything I've told him. "Going to bed already?" asked R, who obviously doesn't have rose-tinted glasses. "Nah," J replied. "Got eight pages of History notes to write up before tomorrow." I shall be calm. I shall be calm. I shall be calm.

Tonight they are at their father's and by 4.30 I'd received two phone calls. S has PE tomorrow and needs her kit dropping off tonight, J has dress-down day (what, on the second damn day of school?) and needs jeans, trainers, etc. R kindly dropped them off for me. J then phoned back (I shall be honest here and admit that I wasn't as friendly as perhaps I could have been to my firstborn) to tell me that I have a Parents Evening tomorrow night. Tomorrow night? Why, I ask you, why so soon. They haven't done anything yet?

Thank you to the lovely Annie Bright for my beautiful 'A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award'. Isn't it fab? I would like to award it to the following bloggers please. The very talented and fun Ray-Anne, who got 'the call' from HMB who want both this book and her next one (way to go!), the lovely motherx,, chrish because she's going on her hols soon and I covet the paintings on her blog, CC Devine because she made me giggle and realize that I'm not the only one who can be dizzy sometimes and Karen because her posts always make me laugh.

Right, I'd better get out and pick some of those windfalls before R comes back and moans - that was the deal, he would drop off the children's clothes and I would pick up a few apples. Can't really not keep to my side of the bargain, can I?


Lane said...

Gosh, by your title I thought you'd had a windfall as in dosh! Apples are just as good though.

Parent's evening and dress down day so soon?? They don't waste time do they!:-)

Debs said...

lane - Oh I wish, but I'll just have to settle for the apples instead.

They drive me nuts, no idea what there will be to talk about.

KatW said...

Hi Debs - 'Lost in Austen' I too can't wait. And I know a few other girlies who are excited. How many of us have dreamed of being able to be inside an Austen novel? Well, me for starters. The concept is a fab idea and I'm quite annoyed that I didn't think of writing it first!!! Hope it's good as am looking forward to settling down at 9pm, hopefully with some choccies.

Kat :-)

ChrisH said...

Aw! Thanks,Debs - I'll pick it up with pride on my return.
If there is an award for 'Woman Who Has Very Good Taste In Men' then I would definitely award it to you. Well-spotted... does that mean I get to keep Gene Hunt now?

Maddie Moon said...

A non-uniform day and parents evening in the first week of term? That's just plain daft!

Well done on the award by the way.

Annieye said...

Hi Debs. I'm back in the Land of Blog again and yours is my first port of call!

I can't believe schools are holding parents' evenings already. Makes me glad that I don't have to go to any more - I used to hate them!

I thought you'd won the lottery, too, when I read your blog post title!

Pat Posner said...

Congrats on the Award, Debs. Hope you feel as warm and fuzzy as 'me and Tessa B'.

Debs said...

katw - I loved it, and also gave myself a mental ticking off for not thinking of the concept. Hope you enjoyed it too.

chrish - aww thanks Chris. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I suppose I shouldn't be greedy and let you have the gorgeous Gene.

maddie moon - thanks.

I wonder what they're thinking at these schools sometimes.

annieye - lovely to have you back again.

I suppose that on a positive note, at least the parent evening will be over and done with for this year.

I wish I had won the lottery, I'd be able to afford to stay at home and write (one can but dream).

Debs said...

pat - oops, our comments must have crossed. Thanks, I do. Hugs to the lovely Tessa B.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hello - just had to drop in and say I love your shed. I dream of one (amazing how your fantasies adjust over the years). You're in great company - Roald Dahl, Alan Titchmarsh. Can't think of anything nicer than wandering to the bottom of the garden. Great blog - will be back! Best wishes.

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Nope, you have to honor your half of the bargan. Besides, I'm sure those apples are tasty.

Yvonne said...

Oh no it looks like my comment got lost (evil Blogger!) Didn't watch Lost in Austen, was it good? J reminds me of my brother at his age so much...he turned out great though! :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Ah this made me laugh. N3S's school thouhgt it would be a really good idea to have an inset day on the very first day back to school! With another planned on the 22nd of this month! Sigh... Congrats on your award and do tell what are you going to make with the windfall aples?

Tam said...

Urgh - TD's school has multiple Parent's Evenings. They do it to get their own back, I'm sure of it...

Annie Bright said...

Elliot Cowan is very gorgeous, isn't he just. :-))
Glad you like the award, Debs. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award - I have the perfect spot for it on my mantlepiece!
And many, many thanks for the congrats.
LOL Ray-Anne

Debs said...

kate lord brown - thank you for visiting and your kind words.

I love my shed, it's so peaceful and when I'm in there the rest of the family know not to disturb me unless they really have to. Usually they're only too pleased to sit and watch tv without me hogging the remote control.

chad aaron sayban - I did do as I'd promised in the end. They are tasty apples and thankfully R & J are eating them as we have so many.

yvonne - I did enjoy it, it was fun and made me laugh too.

J will probably be fine and I think I'm the one who has to stop fretting all the time especially as it doesn't seem to make any difference to him.

dj kirkby - the schools drive me mad sometimes.

I hope N3S enjoyed his inset day.

Tonight I'm going to make another apple crumble as the last one was so tasty.

tam - I think you're right there.

annie bright - I love my award, thanks so much.

EC is rather gorgeous. I'm glad you think so too.

rayanne - I'm so thrilled for you, it's such fabulous news.


Come and pick up my windfalls when you've finished ;-) TFx

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Debs! I saw you at Helen's Heroes blog and thought I'd drop in to say Hello.

I've seen your comments before at Christina Phillips blog, and felt it was time to connect since I also write, and like to connect with other writers.

Truth is, I may have commented here before--I just don't remember you and I making a connection. K

HelenMH said...

I've just been watching Lost in Austen as I Sky+ed it. I'm with you on Elliot Cowan. I also saw him in that Poirot!

East Anglian Troy said...

Hi, and thanks for calling by my blog earlier today. I'm a Jane Austen fan and thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of Lost In Austen yesterday evening. A very clever concept well executed. I'm not really in the best position to comment on Elliot Cowan (being male and straight) but my first reaction was that Colin Firth made a better Darcy. What I particularly enjoyed were many of the script lines given to Mr. Bennett. Looking forward to the remaining three episodes as well as revisiting your blog.

Carol and Chris said...

How in god's name can you have a parents night on the second evening of term...that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever!!

Congratulations on your's well deserved!!

C x

Debs said...

tom foolery - I would do, but I have an abundance here already and not quite sure what to do with them all :)

kaye manro - thanks for visiting and commenting too. I don't think we've 'met' before, but I shall go and pop over to your blog now.

helenmh - Glad you loved it too. Wasn't he divine in Poirot, I wish I'd taped it and could watch it again. I think he may be my next hero in my next book.

east anglian troy - I agree that Colin Firth is pretty unbeatable - bless him and his wet shirt - but I can't wait for the next episodes either.

I'm glad they made the most of Hugh Bonneville in it, he's such an excellent actor.

carol - no idea, I think they do these things to drive us parents crazy.

Thanks, it's a beautiful award, I love it.

CC Devine said...

My very first award - thanks Debs! Lovely surprise :)

Fionnuala said...

Hi Debs, Kids eh?
Can I add a blog link to yours on mine? Fx

KAREN said...

Elliot Cowan looks COMPLETELY different (better!)in that photo. Mixed feelings about Lost in Austen, but will stick with it :o)

Quite glad I don't have to do any of that school stuff any more, but quite sad too if that makes sense?

Thanks so much for the award, I'm honoured, and you've also just reminded me I need to go and pick up all the apples lying under the tree outside (where else?) to make a pie with this evening!

wordtryst said...

Ooh, why haven't I heard of this Cowan guy? Nice!

That's a lovely award you've got there.

Anonymous said...

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