Tuesday, 18 November 2008

17th Lancers, Mug of Tea, & Lovely Scarf

After spending six hours on Sunday desperately trying to find a photo of my great-grandfather, who was in the 17 Lancers, I needed a strong cup of tea, and a good sleep.

I've spent several years searching for a picture of him, but to no avail. He was in the Boer War, then India (where my grandmother was born), then in 1914 was deployed to the western front as part of the 1st Indian Cavalry Division, spending the following three years taking his turn in the trenches and at the end of the war was posted to Liege in Belgium and from there to Cologne.

It's so frustrating finding various pieces of information, but no photo. The reason the family don't have any, is because my great-grandmother burnt all his photos when he died! Why? Who knows. She could have kept one surely.

At work yesterday, I was told that my portfolio of clients was to be increased (today) from 39 to 69, however, I was soon cheered up when I arrived home, by finding a brown puffy envelope at home, containing my lovely scarf in various shades of green, from the very talented, and kind Yvonne. So thank you very much Yvonne, my scarf is much appreciated.

Right, I'd better go and save the supper from burning. Have just gone to get sweet corn from the freezer in the garage, and a humumgous great black spider climbed up the side, so no veg for them then! EUGH!


HelenMH said...

That's a shame about the photos. When my mum died, my dad made me remove all photos of her from the house. He couldn't bear to look at them because he was so upset. Obviously, because he asked me to do it I was able to take them all home with me. My family (the women anyway) have always been hoarders and I have huge boxes of family photos going back generations. Sadly with some of them, I don't know who they are and there's no one left to ask.

claire p said...

Why do people do that with old photos? My mother in law did something similar. When she died we went through everything trying to find several important old photos Richard remembered from his childhood, but nothing. My grandmother went to the other extreme and kept everthing! Trouble is we've no idea who most of them are of. Note to self, write names on the back of photos!

Melissa Marsh said...

I can't believe she burned all those old photos! It is so sad when I see old photo albums in antique shops that the families apparently did not want.

Mummy said...

That is sad, Debs. I have lots of photos in a big box under the piano. I'm not sure who all of them are either, I keep meaning to take them up to my Auntie's house so that she can have a look through them.

Lane said...

I wonder why she did that? So sad.

My scarf arrived yesterday too. Lovely aren't they! I'm cutting a dash in red:-) Yvonne is very clever.

JJ said...

Oh what a tragedy. I am sorry.

I really hope your mention of humungous spiders starts to attract some of those 'big spider' searches I keep getting. I don't want spider lovers on my blog...

(word verification today is 'antsizer')

Christina Phillips said...

I have several old photo albums full of little black and white photos and not the faintest idea who the people are. I can only assume I'm related to them otherwise why do I have their photos? But it would be lovely to know for sure - definitely a good idea to write names on the back!

As for that spider - shudder!! Hope it doesn't come back!!

Carol and Chris said...

Hmmm....I wonder why she burned all the pictures!! You've probably already thought of this but have you thought about contacting the army? If you know what regiment he was in they might have a photo on file?

C x

ChrisH said...

Blimey you are so busy and industrious. Must take a leaf out of your book. Hmm, bit of a mystery there about the Great Photo Burning session.


So sad about the lost photos. (Spiders are harmless they won't bit (hopefully!) TFx

Debs said...

helenmh - my father has been trying to find a picture of his grandfather for years now, I wish my lot were hoarders too.

claire p - I'm always clearing out cupboards, but I can't seem to part with photos (or books)!

melissa marsh - I know, I always feel sad when I see photo albums up for sale.

mummy - My grandmothers always wrote on the back of photos. R's mum has hundreds everywhere.

lane - Yvonne is clever, isn't she? I love mine.

jj - it is strange what people google for. Love the word verification!

christina phillips - it is a good idea.

I hope he's buggered off somewhere else, but keep thinking I can spot him lurking, eugh!

carol & chris - thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted his old regiment museum, National Archives & the Army archive, but no luck yet, although am still waiting to hear from Nat Archives, so theres still some hope.

chrish - I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with anything much though. I should really concentrate on one thing at a time.

tom foolery - R insists that one bit him on his finger a couple of years ago. I've never tried to pick on up, so wouldn't know (shudder)!

KAREN said...

I can't bear to throw photos away, but there aren't that many of my grandparents around, sadly.

I'm v. jealous of your lovely new scarf :o)

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh how infuriating about those photos! A new scarf to snuggle into, how lovely and good timing too as this weekend is supposed to trun wintry. How did a spider survive in your feeezer?

Anonymous said...


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