Friday 21 August 2009

Friday Already

Thank you to Melissa who tipped me off about this book, War on the Margins by Libby Cone about the horror of the Nazi regime in Jersey and the bravery of the people here during the Occupation.

I've had a quick peek and it looks great, but am in the middle of Isabel Wolff's, A Vintage Affair (fabulous), so will have to wait before I can get into it.

Another thanks to DJ Kirkby for my fab Wordless Wednesday Award, love it. I love sunflowers too, but haven't any in the garden this year, which is a bit of a shame.

I can't believe I'm already nearly half way through my holidays and although I've managed some editing, I've not done nearly as much as I would have liked. Wanting to make the most of the holidays, especially whilst R's youngest son is staying, and then waiting for and receiving J's A Level results, means the editing has come in a sad second place.

So, I'm going to take them surfing, while I walk the Grumps and later intend spending a couple of hours in the shed before settling down to watch The Tudors and True Blood. Can't wait.


Chris Stovell said...

I expect the editing will flow even better when you'ver relaxed and cleared your head and enjoyed the summer's successes. Is it all sinking in now?

Maria said...

It's great to have lots to read, I love it!

DAB said...

WOW! Debs, You surf?!! ;-) TFx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

chris - it's slowly sinking in. I'm so relieved for him that he's now going to uni. So strange watching them growing up so fast.

gaelikaa - I agree. I love having a pile of books waiting to be read.

tf - no, not me (she says, trying to picture even getting her toe into the cold sea). The children surf (teenagers, rather than children) and I walk with the dog on the beach.

Anna Scott Graham said...

sounds like lovely weekend plans to me!! enjoy... :)))

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

anna - thanks, you too.

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

Watching teenagers surfing while you walk the lovely Grumpy, sounds wonderful.

Did you watch our Henry?

Liane Spicer said...

I like the sound of that first book, Debs. Anything Jersey-related tickles my fancy.

Hope you had a good time at the beach.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

fia - it's great, I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wouldn't miss Henry for anything, and got timings wrong, so missed the beginning of True Blood for him too.

liane - it looks so good.

Beach was beautiful. I especially love it when the sun is going down and the sea is all silvery and foaming. Unbeatable.

DJ Kirkby said...

Your hol sounds blissful even if you haven't followed your plan... sometimes that is very healthy y'ano? I am just starting a week's hol and am not quite sure how I will fit everything in. xo

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

dj - it's just lovely having time away from work and at home with the family.

Hope you have a great week. x