Monday 30 June 2008

Bubble Wrap & Writing

I have been very brave and dropped my first born off at the airport at 8am this morning without shedding a single tear as he had told me that he was dreading me getting upset (I'm not really good at 'goodbyes'). I then drove to work and thankfully was so busy, as usual, that the day flew. I've written a bit, started reading a new book as I think I'm in the wrong mood for The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy and could think of nothing whatsoever to blog about.

Until I checked my emails... and found this and bizarre though it may be, it suited my miserable-though-pretending-to-be-fine mood and away I went. I now feel much better although R thinks I've gone a little more deranged than usual.

I can also tell you that I finally finished with the red pen yesterdy and now only need to make the corrections on the computer. I even have my envelope ready and waiting to send the darn thing off to NWS, so had better stop blogging and get on with it.


Pacha said...

Well done with the tearless goodbye, being distracted and that red pen!

I refuse to be sucked into that popping game.

Bursting to play (no pun intended)...oh alright, just ONCE!

Unknown said...

Now that bubble wrap might come in really handy. Thanks for the link!

Lane Mathias said...

Well done on being so brave. A blubbing mum at the airport would not have been cool. Mind you I don't know how you managed it!

That bubblewrap is so theraputic!

Michelle said...

Congratulations debs, not shedding a tear at the airport, you are so brave, I would have been a mess.
It is really great that the red pen is now back in the pot and the envelope is chaffing at the bit to go to that red letter box!
The bubble wrap link is FAB FAB FAB, I will be copying and pasting to my work laptop as well as to my email so i can use it when stressful times demand it. you can't beat a bit of bubble wrap!

Annieye said...

I'm saving this Penny Vincenzi for my holiday, and scouring blogland for the other four novels that will have pride of suitcase room in August. (But not Martina Cole - I read two of her books on holiday last year and whilst I enjoyed them I was convinced the bloke on the next sunbed was a member of the mafia!)

Just think - wouldn't it be great to be sitting next to someone on holiday who was reading YOUR novel?

Kerry said...

Congrats Debs - On lack of tears at airport, finishing with the red pen (Whoo Hoo! I feel your joy) and on finding the strangest link ever on the tinternet. *Cue slightly sexual voice* "Must have more".....weird but so very compulsive that I did 5 sheets before I realised what I was doing :)

Yvonne said...

Well done on the stiff upper lip, good luck with the editing and thanks for the bubblewrap, am addicted!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

pacha - sorry about the bubblewrap, I couldn't help doing it either.

chad aaron sayban - hope it comes in useful, great stress relief I think.

lane - I knew I had to be brave as he was talking to R and saying how me blubbing would be the worst thing and so embarrassing.

mickmouse - thanks, I'm looking forward to sending it off now and seeing the back of it for a while.

annieye - I found this at WHS in a two for one pack and then realized that I had the third book of the trilogy in my tbr pile, so I'll be reading PV for ever.

It would be heavenly to see someone reading our own novels, especially if they loved them.

kerry - lol, that was so funny. I have days like that too where it takes me a while to realize what's going on.

yvonne - glad you liked the bubblewrap, it was a strange thing to receive by email.

Marcie Steele said...

good luck with the parcel Debs. Let's hope the red pen has done you justice. xx

HelenMWalters said...

When you first mentioned dropping off your first born - I thought you meant your novel! What is wrong with me!

Karen said...

That's such a good idea! I need to get over there for a good popping session today...

Well done on airport bravery and red pen disposal :o)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

l-plate author - thanks, I can only keep trying.

helenmh - LOL, I thought you were going to say you thought I meant the dog!

karen - hope you enjoy yourself.

Glad to be rid of the red pen for a while.

Carol said...

Debs he will have a have nothing to worry about!! (and if there are any problems, which there won't be, you know people that live in Thailand who can help)

Well done for not bubbling....I'm hopeless and when I leave the UK to come back to Bangkok I always end up pink faced and puffy eyed!!

C x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

carol - thanks, that makes me feel so much better.

I did have a moment yesterday but gathered myself pretty quickly and was alone so noone knew. Dx

Anonymous said...

hey mum, if you get this, which i very much hope you do, i want to say that, despite the late message, i AM having a very good time. i also want to say that i can't have told you this before due to lack of access and also the inconvenieces of travelling everywhere and i wouldn't have been able to reply (we've had the 'daily phone call' conversation already, i believe!. i am missing you and sas LLLOOOAADDDSS but am being looked after by the older boys (Cartwright for one), the very affectionate Mr. Blanchard and ben houghton, so no need to worry. the time and date is approximately 8.36pm (2.36pm jersey-time) on the 11th July, and we are now one third of the way through already! we have returned to Phnom Penh after finishing our project work, building an impressive playground, and will be on our way to Siem Reap tomorrow noon. i hope you are kept posted with a copy of the itinery, but if not, no worries. i'm using my kodak but due to its low limit of photos, you can easily rely on all the photos that at least 3 other boys would have uploaded on their facebook pages from their digital cameras, and i will happily show you them when i get back. sorry to drag on, but it has been a while, and i will probably send this message at least twice to be certain you have read it. its good to see you have been kept busy! do not reply to this as i am constantly on the move and wont be able to access the internet likely. i would lastly like to say "Hi" to all the readers on this blog and am thankful to hear their support for you, and i am thankful that you didnt cry on your way to work last monday, well done. tell your readers that i have asked them nicely for their further support for you if ever you get lonely. send my love to all at home, including Saskia, who, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, i miss very much also. lots and lots and lots of love, James. can't wait to see you upon my return! please keep busy and hope all is well, bye! xxxxxx