Sunday 22 June 2008

Toothache, Tiresome Toes & Yet More Editing

Poor R is suffering horribly with a sore tooth. He's being brave and soldiering on despite having to wait until Monday afternoon for his appointment at the dentist. I hate pain of any sort (I say this as if anyone relishes it. Well, I suppose some people do but they are a little kooky to my way of thinking. Anyway I digress). I have dosed him up with pills, as I don't believe in suffering if you don't have to (never let it be said that I'm a martyr) and despite almost rattling whenever he moves, he's still in dreadful pain. Let's put it this way, he even said that he didn't hear me speak the other day when I was chattering away. He must be in a lot of pain if he can't hear my voice.

J goes away a week tomorrow and his toe is still not completely better, so he was forced (why do they think they can win over a mother who is in an anxious state) to go once more to the doctor. £30.50 per appointment, so expensive but at least the prescriptions are now free, unless you want maleria tablets or something out of the ordinary. So J is on another course of antibiotics. I don't mind painkillers but hate the thought of antibiotics and usually wouldn't send him twice but when J is going to spend a month in the heat and trekking 125kms whilst he's there, I feel that I have no choice. He also has a pain in his hip, but did he mention this whilst he was there? Of course not.

Well, if nothing else, this editing is helping me take my mind of the fact that J is about to set off, which is a relief because whenever I do think about it, I feel a bit of a panic rearing up inside. So at least I can be sure that I will be working on this damn editing to keep me occupied.

BTW m-i-l said she had a wonderful day yesterday, which was good to hear. I'm glad she enjoyed herself so much. She had phone calls from so many friends and said, "People kept phoning me and singing Happy Birthday down the phone but I had no idea who they were." She received beautiful flower arrangements and various gifts and loved the flags that R put up for her birthday.


Yvonne said...

Poor R! Hope he gets it sorted very soon.

Jenny Beattie said...

I know he won't always be in cities (probably fairly rarely if he's trekking) but there are excellent hospitals here if he needs them. I'm sure he won't.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - thanks, he has a dentist's appt tomorrow at three.

jj - thanks, I really shouldn't worry so much and probably wouldn't if his damn toe would heal but at least I now know the hospitals are good. Always good to know these things.

Michelle said...

I am sorry for R, toothache is terrible because there is rarely any relief, you have to bear it till you see a dentist. hope all goes well tomorrow.

Where is your son trekking? Sorry i am new and do not know where he is going, sounds fun, though probably not for you.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

mickmouse - thanks, I hope the dentist does something to alleviate the pain.

J is going for a month to Cambodia working on a project for a couple of weeks then trekking up to Thailand. He can't wait to go and I can't wait for him to come back. He's going with 10 other chaps from school and a teacher so it's all organized so should have a great time.

Kat W said...

Mum, nurse and writer - oh how us women have to multi-task!! Hope J & R are better soon. Kat

Lane Mathias said...

Poor R. Poor you! Hopefully he'll be all fixed up before he goes. Fingers crossed for him.

Glad mil had a good 80th:-)

Carol said...

Ooohh, poor R!! There is not much worse than sore teeth.....try soaking cotton wool in whisky and then getting him to bite on it. The whisky will numb the area and give him some relief till he gets to the dentist :-)

J will be fine!! As JJ said, the hospitals here are excellent and he's in an organised group so will be forced into going if there is a problem (which I'm sure there won't be!!).

Glad you MIL had a good birthday

C x

Christina Phillips said...

Ouch, toothache is terrible and painkillers never seem to get to the root of the agony (I'm very sorry for that dreadful pun!!)

I understand how you feel about your son's trekking - I'd feel exactly the same way!!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Oooh, toothache is awful (and often just as bad for those in earshot of the sufferee ;-) )

ps: I've added you to the coffee break rota for 19/9 & 26/9 ~ I hope those dates are suitable. Can you let me know if you'd rather change them?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

kat - you're not kidding, how do we manage to fit so much into our day? They are both a little better, thank you.

lane - R is feeling a little better and J's toe is looking more like it should now.

carol & Chris - thanks I told R what you said to.

It's comforting to know that the hospitals are so good, I have told J too.

christina phillips - I know, poor thing, toothache is dreadful.

I can't wait for J to get back home again.

kate.kingsley - it's awful watching someone suffering, poor thing. I think he'll be on the mend soon though.

Those dates are find, thanks, I much diarize and not forget though!

Karen said...

Glad the birthday went well - hope the dentist's appointment did too. You've reminded me that I've got one tomorrow first for about five years! (Dental appointment, not birthday I hasten to add.)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

karen - you are so funny. I wish I only had a birthday every 5 years, I'd only be ??? (sorry just had to find calculator) 9 years old!

Best of luck at the dentist. R is on antibiobiotics now so will hopefully feel much better soon.