Sunday 17 August 2008

Revenge of the Poppies

R went to check on his beetroot/toms/whatever else is in the greenhouse and came back into the house saying, "Go and have a look at what I've found in the greenhouse." There was a gleam in his eyes so I thought it would be a cute little toad or something like that.

Poppies. They had sprung up so tall that they were reaching the glass roof as if to say to him, "Hah, can't get rid of us that easily." Naturally I had to take a photo.

I've received an assignment back from my tutor and now I'm going to send two pieces out to magazines and see how they do. I still have another one to come back and am working on the next one.

Today I've done quite well on the word count with S&S, mainly due to the fact that R, S and S-S#4 have been working on the garden. Yesterday they trimmed a large tree and today it was the sawing of logs, putting other bits through the mulcher and spreading it around the borders. When R commented on being tired, I said, "Me too."
"How can you be tired?" he asked. "You haven't done anything."
Bloomin' cheek. "I've been writing," I said.
Anyway, I haven't been completely useless, I've also managed to fit in cooking some beetroot and hanging out a couple of loads of washing.


Lane Mathias said...

Poppies?? Are they very early or very late?:-)

Writing is far more tiring than gardening!

Carol said...

Hehehe...that will teach him for trying to get rid of your Poppies!!

Good luck with your submissions

C x

Amanda said...

Heres to those poppies - good for them!

Good luck with sending your pieces off to magazines!

I think the trouble with writing is, it does look to those who don't write like you are doing nothing - relaxing almost! But it is so very tiring, especially on the eyes.

DJ Kirkby said...

I adore poppies, send them our way, there is always room in our garden for more poppies.

Yvonne said...

LOL at the poppies, you can't keep 'em down! Good luck with the submissions.

Jenny Beattie said...

The poppies are beautiful - in their own way they are very robust ... apart from dying the very instant you try to pick them.

Good luck with the subs.

Unknown said...

Those who don't write have no appreciation of just how tiring it can be.

Best of luck with the submissions.

Tamsyn Murray said...

Good news on the subs front. What gorgeous poppies, too :-)

I get very tired after a day at work and an evening writing. Far too tired to wash up/iron/clean clothes. Hubby is being very good about this at the moment...

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - I'm not sure to be honest with you.

I'd rather be writing though.

carol - it certainly will.


annie bright - thanks, I'm sure the family mostly think that I'm doing nothing much at all in the shed.

djkirkby - they are beautiful, aren't they. I adore poppies.

yvonne - thanks, I suppose the more I have out there, the more chance there is of something being accepted.

jj - they are pretty and as you say tough, yet fall apart if you pick them.

chad aaron sayban - that's so true.


tam - thanks. R is very good but I don't think he understands that sitting for hours typing is at all tiring.