Wednesday 16 January 2008

Chasing buses, rainbows & firesides

This morning started with a rather tedious bus chase. Half way during my drive to the bus stop ds announced that he had forgotten his locker key. Not wanting to have to do the school run, I delivered them to the bus stop, raced home to find the key and after three phone calls (ds' mobile was off, of course) I found it in a suit pocket, raced back to the bus stop, stopped behind the bus and leapt out of the car only for the driver to pull away and drive off.

How he missed a wild-haired blonde madwoman wearing a bright red baggy top and waving her arms maniacally at him, I'm not sure. Unfortunately several van drivers parked opposite by the shop were highly amused by my antics. Being a tenacious sort, I got back in the car and followed the bus believing that he would have to stop fairly soon. Did he hell, I think that the only children on that bus live near us. In the end I had to admit defeat as I had to get back in time to get all suited and booted myself. Furious, I then phoned ds (on his sister's phone) and raged at him when he asked me to take the key to his school on the way to work. Dh came to the rescue - as usual - and ended up delivering the key later in the morning.

I don't know what is going on but as soon as I step out of our offices the heavens open and pour. At least though I was rewarded by the most beautiful rainbow as I arrived home. It appeared to frame the house and looked so glorious that it cheered me up.

Tonight though I'm going to sit with my laptop in front of the fire and continue with editing T&OL. I simply have to get on with this and then do something with it or bury it in some sort of time capsule so that in centuries to come (should it survive) decendants can dig it up and be entertained, though in what way I'm not quite sure.


Lane Mathias said...

That fire looks just the job after a day like that. I could almost toast my toes from here:-)

HelenMWalters said...

Laptop in front of the fire is definitely the way to go! Good luck!

Annieye said...

Your description of chasing the bus was hilarious. How come teenagers are either on the phone or texting and then at the very time you want to speak to them, it's turned off! At least DH saved the day.

This rain is awful, but according to the forecast we're all in for another lot by the weekend.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - I'm going to do the same again tonight. Having a fire is one of the few bonuses of rainy wintery days.

helenmh - thanks, I'm going to light a fire as soon as I get off here and sit in front of it.

annieye - thanks. My son is a nightmare with his phone, he calls me and if I don't pick up, he'll leave a message for me to call asap then turns off his phone. Drives me nuts.

The ground here is sodden but at least we're not flooded like some poor people.