Wednesday 23 January 2008

Pre-ordering books & sad news

I was sorry to read of the tragic death of that fine young actor, Heath Ledger who was only 28 years old. I was only watching Casanova on Sunday and thinking what an exciting life he must lead. What a waste of a young talented life and to think that his baby daughter will not have him around her as she grows up.

Sad news always makes me think that life is too short for wasting time, unfortunately my idea of making the most of it all is to order books on Amazon or book shopping in any form. Here are pictures of two of the books I've pre-ordered - I can't wait for them to arrive. I can see yet another tbr pile of books building up and dh groaning in horror at yet another book delivery.


HelenMWalters said...

Amazon is so addictive isn't it? When they email me saying 'we thought you'd like ...' I just cave and buy it!

Anonymous said...

I drive D mad with all my book buying. And to make matters worse I am a really slow reader, so they all just pile up. (some prob never to be read.) Just cant help myself.
Yes that was sad about that actor. Its all min Amy Winehouse, next that..very sad.

Annieye said...

I have books all over the house in various places - it drives everyone up the wall. I just can't bear to part with them.

It was sad about Heath Ledger. I can't stop thinking about all those teenagers who have committed suicide in Wales. That's tragic too and I hope someone can get to the bottom of it.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - I'm exactly the same. Have just been food shopping and ended up buying two more books. When will it end? Probably never.

motherx - I feel a strange sort of security having my tbr piles to look at. I feel so sorry for Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse's families. Poor things.

annieye - I have so many that I sometimes buy the same book twice. I do hope they work out what's going on with these teenagers in Wales. Horrible business, very strange.