Monday, 21 July 2008


This is a picture of yesterday's sunset and remembering that old saying, 'Red sky at night...' I was relieved as I'm on holiday from work this week. Yay.

Someone at work asked me where I was going. I shan't be going anywhere as I have a whole week as follows:

- Where I don't have to sit at a desk - I shall be sitting at a secondhand 1950s table with a laptop on it.
- An entire week sitting in a shed - strange as it sounds, this will be fun.
- Seven days when I won't have to be dressed in smart clothing - sheer bliss.
- My daughter is happy to spend a few days doing very little, apart from one day in town shopping and a few outings with her friends.
- Going to see Mama Mia with a few of the girls.

And the weather forecast is good. Sigh. So apart from the above and walking Grumps on the beach with R and S, I intend doing very little for the next week apart from making the most of having time to read and enjoying having more time to write.

Ahhh bliss.


Lane said...

Sounds like bliss to me too!

Enjoy your freedom:-)

Carol and Chris said...

It's fantastic when you get the time to do exactly what you want without worrying about any other commitments.

Enjoy :-)

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Oh, and that sunset is gorgeous!!

C x

Debs said...

lane - I know, it's so rare to have these weeks of absolutely nothing, I'm enjoying it so far.

carol - thanks, so far we've been to St Ouens for a bite to eat and walked the dog, read endless pages of a Penny V book, bliss.


Enjoy yourself Debs. Don't forget to eat chocolate :) TFX

Tam said...

More importantly, don't do a Leigh and forget where you put the chocolate...

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Bliss indeed! Have fun and enjoy the reading and the writing time.

HelenMH said...

Good for you. Hope you enjoy it :)

Debs said...

tom foolery - now that is one thing I've never forgotten, thankfully.

tam - oh heaven forbid.

chad aaron sayban - thanks, I am certainly enjoying myself.

helenmh - thanks, I am. I wish I could do the same next week too though.

Mickmouse said...

Debs, you have defined what 'Holiday' should mean!!! We are off camping on Saturday for a week, less serene, but hopefully lots of relaxation and sunny weather. Cracking sunset Gromit!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Heaven! I hope you enjoy every moment!

Debs said...

mickmouse - I'm making the most of relaxing. Hope you have a wonderful camping trip and that the weather is good for you.

motherx - it is lovely, thanks.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I've gone a tasteful shade of green.

(Envy, not nausea.)


ChrisH said...

Have a very productive and enjoyable week, Debs.

KAREN said...

Sounds marvellous! I always get a little discombobulated when I have time to myself, dither about what to do first and usually end up doing nothing...which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, I do miss those Jersey sunsets. I'll have a bag of chips at St Ouens Bay as the tide comes in, if you please.

Have a fab week off.

Debs said...

zinnia cyclamen - I'm so relieved the weather is so heavenly.

chrish - thanks, will do.

karen - I don't often do as little as I am now but I am enjoying it.

spiralskies - Oh yes, that sounds pretty good. Thanks.