Monday, 12 January 2009

Not Another Monday

Every year, R plants a few Hyacinth bulbs for me, and they never fail to delight, especially at this time of year when it's so cold and now rainy too.

He's rather useful in the kitchen too and enjoys cooking, so tonight I returned from work, with J & S in tow and we have a choice between chicken curry, or beef curry (I don't like beef, so he made both. I would have let me have soup instead, but then I'm a miserable bugger).

I was wondering if any of my blog pals are going to the RNA Awards Lunch in London on 10th Feb? I'll be going with a friend, but it would be nice to know to look out for people if I thought they were going.

Right, better eat, then I need to press on with this damn rewrite.


HelenMHunt said...

R sounds like a total treasure.

Chad Sayban said...

A beautiful plant. Congratulations on the new laptop. That should help you with those rewrites.

Lane said...

I forgot to plant any Hyacinths which is a shame because I love them. Funny, I remember us talking about hyacinths last year Debs. Can it really have been a year ago?

claire p said...

I forgot the hyacinths this year to. The awards lunch sound great. I haven't got as far as being invited to such things yet, maybe if I ever get published! Enjoy the curry, yummy.

Melissa Marsh said...

How wonderful to have some beautiful plants to look at during the cold winter!

Mummy said...

Ooh you can't beat a nice plant to brighten and cheer the place up! Hope you enjoyed your curry!

JJ said...

I do like a man that can cook. The flowers are lovely.

Christina Phillips said...

Good luck with the rewrite, Debs. I'm in the middle of doing that myself!!

Anonymous said...

My poor bulbs are still in the greenhouse too cold to do much.
On the other hand I SHALL come to the ball/ RNA Lunch.
Look forward to seeing you again. :-)

Flowerpot said...

I love hyacinth too - I've got a blue and a white one both flowering and the smell is wonderful! I wont be going to the RNA lunch but do fill us in!

Elle said...

I've just sent off my cheque for RNA membership, but I don't think I'll be going to the lunch - have a fab time and good luck with the rewrite! :0)

Debs said...

helen - he is, though I think I probably drive him nuts most of the time.

chad - they are lovely, aren't they.

Cant wait to get using it.

lane - oh that is a shame. I can't believe it's already a year ago too.

claire p - that's a shame.

I'm looking forward to the lunch, but am only going as a member of the RNA, maybe when (smiles hopefully) I'm published, my agent/publisher will take me and it wont cost me anything.

melissa m - it's great to have a bit of colour at this time of year.

mummy - I agree.

I did, thank you.

jj - it certainly helps that I dont have to do it every night.

christina phillips - thanks, you too.

rayanne - thrilled that you'll be there too. Looking forward to seeing you again.

flowerpot - I love the smell too.

I shall definately report on the lunch.

elle - that's a shame that you won't be at the lunch. I shan't be going to the conference this year as I have so many other things I have to go to.

Ladybird World Mother said...

I LOVE hyacinths and have 3 bowls of them at the moment in the sitting room. When the Christmas Tree comes down, I love seeing the hyacinths there, smelling gorgeous, and reminding me of what the summer will smell like...

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I too love the hyacinth fragrance, I have a pot of three white ones on my kitchen windowsill and they make the whole room smell delightful. I'm not a member of the RNA as I don't write RNs but I look forward to hearing stories of the lunch.

DJ Kirkby said...

How nice to have a true partner. Sounds like a similar personality to Chopper. Those Hyacinth flowers are gorgeous and I bet them smell lovely. Nope won't be going to the RNA awards. xo

Mickmouse said...

My mother in law gave me some hyacinths just before Christmas. They are now in full bloom and my dining room smells gorgeous. They are huge though and have been staked with three BBQ skewers!!!

Wish I was going to London but afraid not.

Definitely have laptop envy!!!!

Calistro said...

Oooh you just reminded me. I haven't joined yet. Bugger!

Calistro said...

p.s. When's the conference?

liz fenwick said...

Raises hand and does happy dance!!! I'll be there. I can't wait.

Calistro - come to the lunch too. The conference is in July - I want say about the 10th of July I think and its in Penrith this year. I'll be at that too. Are you coming this year Debs?

Debs said...

lwm - it certainly cheers me up to have that lovely fragrant smell and I know that spring isn't (shouldnt be) too far away.

zinnia cyclamen - I bet they look & smell gorgeous.

I'll definately be posting about the lunch.

dj kirkby - he is a sweetheart, and I'm glad I met him when I was older as I wouldnt have appreciated him as a younger person. Too nice.

mickmouse - crikey, they certainly sound like they're enormous, how lovely.

calistro - Ooh, quickly post your form. I do hope you can make the lunch, it would be great to meet up.

Conference is in Penrith in the weekend of 10/11/12 July, I think.

liz - Great, it will be lovely to see you again. I'm really looking forward to it as I couldnt make it last year.

Not going to the conference - first time in 4 years - as I have so many other things I have to go to this year, and cant afford it, so shall have to read all about it in your report on your blog.

ChrisH said...

I wish I was going... but I can't decide whether all those successful shortlisters would make me feel inspired or depressed. Guess it's time to keep writing!

Debs said...

chrish - It would have been lovely to meet you in person. It depends on my mood as to whether I feel inspired or depressed, usually the latter, especially if theyre about 18 years old.

Annie Wicking said...

Good luck with your writing. I hope you have a great time out and meet up with lots of your friends on the 10th Feb.

Best wishes,

Debs said...

Annie - thanks, I'm getting nowhere really quickly :)

I'm looking forward to the 10th, but no doubt it will all pass in a bit of a blur. I shall try to remember as much as poss, so that I can report on it later.

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh, I love hyacinths, they smell so beautiful!
Good luck with the rewrite.

Anonymous said...

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