Wednesday 7 November 2007

Persuasion & Pulling Faces

Sorry, I know that I've only posted a pic of the lovely Rupert very recently but needs must, as they say (this one is for Andrea!) How magnificent he looks striding along in his breeches!

Today I had the distressing trauma of having my photo taken at work for the database - they need to know who we are or something... I am usually the one behind the camera shouting "Cheese" or "Leeks" or other variations to get the poor soul that I have focused my lens on to smile appropriately. However, today was my turn and was it a good day? Was it hell! You know how it is, some days you feel remotely acceptable to be seen without a paper bag over the head, this naturally was not one of those days! The operation was hindered by my colleague Bob who insisted on pulling faces at me as I did my best to hide my worst features (difficult when one is having one's face and shoulders photographed). I ended up having to have several pics taken and although I could have had a look at the end result, I decided against it. Too depressing. I just know that I shall end up looking as if I have some infliction to my mouth'

So I shall have to just wait and see when we "go live" how ghastly I look on my photo. EUGH!

Why can't we simply wear name tags/badges? Why a photo on the company site where nearly two hundred people can laugh at it? Why? Why? and yet another Why?????


Anonymous said...

Completly agree! Especially when you have dreamt about the person who is taking the photograph!!
Why indeed do we need photos - surely that's more off putting - you may recognise the person and think "oh, she's a right misery won't bother going to her", whereas she may sound fab over the phone. Definately has it's disadvantages.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Rach, your comment made me laugh. So true. I'm dreading seeing the photo when the system goes live! Horrible.


Anonymous said...

Girls Girls Girls, I really do think we all look very lovely - lets start loving ourselves and appreciating our good bits. I am now satying I am not fat just a "real" woman!!

Have a fab weekend.


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Shaz, thanks for the comment. You're quite right of course, we are all perfectly fabulous and should make the most of what we have... Now that's cheered me up.