Thursday 8 November 2007

Sir Guy of Gisbourne & The Hard Drive

Drama of dramas!!! I'm out on Saturday night and have to meet the girls at 7.30. Quelle horreur! Not another Saturday when I shall miss my dearly beloved in his full black leather finery sorting out the peasants! Record it, I hear you say. Well obviously, I reply in haste...if I could. In our house I'm the one to do the recording of programmes - usually because I'm the sad fool who can't bear to miss certain programmes. The rest of the family have no idea how to even switch on the hard drive and couldn't care less about the video recorder. So I shall be left with no alternative but to start the recording and bribe dh to remember to turn it off at the end (otherwise the hard drive will be too full to record next weeks episode).

By the way, I loved A Room With a View but found the ending rather sad nevertheless.

Have become completely addicted to blogging and love reading them, but there are so many out there, you could lose hours and I certainly have. Unfortunately, I've been so busy being nosy that my word count this week has fallen dramatically so I shall have to give myself a talking to and try and catch up.

Apart from my writing lapse, novel No 4 is coming along rather well and I'm certainly enjoying writing it. So I shall now sign off and get on with it.

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