Saturday 24 November 2007

Sir Guy of Gisbourne & Plotting Novels

Yes - he survived his bath. I just about did too.

What is wrong with Lady Marion? She has this perfection of maleness, all 6ft 2ins of him head to toe in leather and she kisses him (quick fantasy of self in her place...) then she turns round and tells the poor adoring soul that she's made a mistake and races back off to that damp wood with it's distinct lack of facilities. She then dresses (for want of a better word) in the worst pair of trousers that I personally have ever seen and I've had a few horrors sitting in my wardrobe I can tell you. Sorry, but I've been very restrained in the Richard Armitage devotion stakes for the last couple of weeks. I needed a fix.

I'm working on Reading Paige in between sending ds off to buy various items for a school camping trip in the next couple of weeks. I know, who the hell would want to go camping for three days in December. It is some sort of survival thing in a forest. What is it with forests?

My wip is coming along - was going to say "swimmingly" - but I'm confusing myself plot-wise and need to sit down and try and figure this out a bit. I've typed out a Synopsis, which I usually do and the story is taking off in different directions to what I had originally thought. Again, this is the usual state of affairs, but I've reached a bit of a wall, hence taking a break to watch Robin Hood and now blogging for a bit. I shall go back now and work through it.


Lane Mathias said...

Camping? In December?? Brrrrr.

Grumpy is looking positively furious. Perhaps he's seen The offending trousers:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - I know, I think you have to be a teenage boy to appreciate camping in December! Poor Grumps, even when he's happy he looks positively miserable.