Wednesday 26 December 2007

Boxing Day - relaxation & walking the dog

Christmas Day went well - huge sighs of relief all round. Dd finally went off to sleep on Christmas Eve at 1.30am and woke us at 8am. One I had made cups of tea we ransacked the presents and were each duly delighted and satisfied with our gifts. My own consisted amongst other things of an ipod, that does films etc. I have no idea how to work this pretty object but have been assured by children that it is easy when you know how. Also, dd and ds - knowing me and my Richard Armitage crush so well - surprised and amused me with a Sir Guy of Gisbourne model and horse (with galloping motion!).

The children duly delivered to their father, dh and I went to enjoy a perfect lunch at The Atlantic Hotel with m-i-ls and f-i-l then having collected Grumpy ventured forth to meet up with various other members of my family that (as another member recently commented) remind one of characters out of a Mike Leigh film once the odd bottle of wine has been merrily consumed. I know every family sports the odd eccentric but I do believe that my family have rather more than their fair quota. However, I do thoroughly enjoy these get togethers and would not miss them for the world (probably because I fit in so well with the rest of them). These occasions are what feed my imagination so much of the time and are invaluable in so many ways.

Dh, Grumpy and I returned home, thoroughly amused and opened another inspired present. A jar of hibiscus flowers in syrup. You take one hibiscus flower, place it in a champagne flute adding a dash of the syrup. Then fill the rest of the glass with whatever bubbles take your fancy and watch the flower open up. It is not only pretty to look at and tasty to drink but you may also eat the flower that has a slight raspberry taste to it. See pic of mine.

Today we have taken Grumpy for an envigorating walk on the beach where a large alsation launched itself at him only to be hauled off by dh who is rather a large chap. Grumpy did his best to hold his own though so full marks to him for bravery. Dh let the lax owners of the offending canine know in no uncertain terms what he thought of them. I took some photos of dh and G (on the beach; not fighting) and collected a bag of drift wood. I've hung up several gifts in my shed to add to the rather eclectic collection I already keep in there and the children have returned home over-tired and irritated and now I have to somehow get them to help me pack their case for their trip away with their father.


HelenMWalters said...

Boxing day is just made for long dog walks isn't it? The hibiscus flowers look lovely - what a fab present!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - we did have a lovely walk and after all that food and tv I felt so much better later on. I loved the hibiscus flowers. I wish I could think of something so original.