Monday 17 December 2007

Good news, bad news & tomato boxes

The good news is:
1. I've finished writing the Christmas cards.
2. The children break up tomorrow so I can get up later and don't have to make sandwiches for the next couple of weeks.
3. I have managed to buy all of dd's presents.
4. The white roads looked so pretty and glittery on the way to work this morning.

The bad news is:
1. I still have to post them and am bound to receive a card from someone I've forgotten and it will be too late to sent one to them - this happens every year without fail.
2. I have the children's friends staying and have to pick up, drop off and find them.
3. I still haven't bought presents for: dh, ds, father or godmother.
4. It's damn cold walking to work especially now that my office is five minutes further away from my car.

Never mind, just look at the picture and see what you can make with a couple of tomato boxes! This was dh's creation and made several years ago. He is most proud of it and it sits happily each Christmas on the mantlepiece.


Lane Mathias said...

That's a beautiful nativity. Who'd have thought it was once a tomato box!

Yah - no more lunchboxes. I loathe making the frigging things:-)

Anonymous said...

Well mine break up one on Thurs and one Frid! So dreading it!
Yes you always end up getting a card from someone unexpected! thats why I always buy too many cards...just incase!
Dont know about anyone elses house but mine is already resembling a bomb shack!! Hope you have a fantastic christmas!!!XX

Karen said...

Very impressive creation - did he ever win a Blue Peter badge?! I still put decorations on the tree that the Teens made when they were at primary school - there's something very touching about their wonky little efforts!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - I may not have to do lunch boxes for the next couple of weeks, but at the mo have a couple of teenage girls watching Hairspray - again!

motherx - from one bombsite to another, yes my house is a complete tip right now and I received three cards from people I've forgotten, so far.

karen clarke - he loves making things, thankfully dh has discovered the garden and that keeps him quite busy.