Wednesday 19 December 2007

Loss of idols, apologies & zero temperatures

What am I to do now? No Robin Hood until 29th December and Spooks is finished so no more of the delectable Rupert. I have to wait for the next series of The Tudors to enjoy Jonathan in his tights, or even out of them and even Cranford has gone so no more Philip to gaze over (even with the strange hairdo the hair and makeup department saw fit to give him). What a bore!

Mind you after several intense emails yesterday at work from one more senior to me - aren't they all. I'm way down the food chain in that place - I did receive a most unexpected apology. Stunned and not a little taken aback, I accepted it gracefully. After all it isn't often that one experiences apologies and I'm still rather dazed that it happened at all if I'm honest.

It is so cold here at the moment. We rarely experience such cold temperatures or is that just my convenient memory playing tricks on me again. It's been zero for most of the day and according to dh's weather system thingy (don't ask!) the temperature has risen slightly from this morning and is now 1.4 degrees. I should have gone shopping but couldn't face it. I still have so many more presents to buy and although I have wandered through the various shops in a vague way, I can't somehow chose what to buy. Is this age, or merely confusion? Both probably.


Chris Stovell said...

Hi Debs, glad it's not just me getting their eye candy off the telly! Philip as Gene Hunt (if that's the Philip you mean) was my guilty pleasure all through 'Life On Mars', Hey Ho! Not so secret now I've blabbed it all over the internet! Happy writing and Happy Christmas to you.

Casdok said...

Its just a time of year thing!!

Marla said...

This is my first time to your blog. I love that you write in your shed! It does look cozy! I wish I had a little shed like that. I would love to have a room of my own for art and writing! One of these days I will. I too can't face the rest of my Christmas shopping. I am usually done by now. Not this year! Argh!

Lane Mathias said...

I hate that Spooks has finished. I couldn't believe last night's episode!!

And it's flipping cold here too. Hibernation is called for very soon I think:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

chrish - no it's not just you and yes, I did mean Philip Glenister, sigh!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.

casdok - I suppose so, bit of a drag though. Mind you I should be busy preparing for Christmas so shouldn't really moan.

marla - thanks, I do love my shed. My family are used to my 'needing to be alone to write' and are thrilled that I go there and leave them in peace.

lane - I know, what was all that about. I suppose they left everything up in the air so that we'll all tune in next season. A bit of a let down though.