Thursday 13 December 2007

Tis the season, frost & log fires

Have just collected dd from school and was most gratified to note that she had carried her cookery basket containing these little gems. Mmmm mince pies - have already tried one and very tasty they are too. Shall have another one (or two) later on. Her class also made small Christmas cakes as you can see from the pic. Last year I had the bright idea of dd and I making a Christmas cake for the family. Such hard work, all that stirring. I was exhausted at the end of it all, so was relieved to see her offering this year. Most welcome.

I wish I'd had a camera this morning to take photos of the frost, all white and crispy on the fields nearby. Lovely to look at, not so glorious to traipse through on the way to work though (not that I walk through the fields to work of course, I am not a dairy maid, I meant when I walk down the road from the car to the office). Unfortunately, my look wasn't all that attractive as wearing jumpers, jacket, coat and scarf, I looked at least twice my usual size! Roll on summer!

Never mind, at least we can enjoy a cosy log fire tonight. Unfortunately, as most of the family are otherwise engaged at the moment (strangely enough) it will fall to me to fill the coal scuttle, find the kindling wood etc all kept outside in the cold!


Quillers said...

The cakes look delicious, Deb! And I love the look of your shed. I wish I had one. I hope it's heated in this frosty weather.

Anonymous said...

Yes I love those cookery offerings from school! Only problem is they want to eat them all on their own! Sharing is not a word that goes down well! But the crumbs always taste pretty good!

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

Brrrr...still, at least you'll have a beautiful fire to look at - we have a vile fire with pretend logs that the pirate rescued from a skip.

Please save any marzipan you don't want, for me. Love it.

The Tudors! I miss it so much - I even play back the Hugo Boss ad to watch Henry 8 again. How sad.

Lane Mathias said...

I loathe piling on all the winter togs and looking like Michelin man. It's soo not a good look:-)

Gosh I wish my daughters would bring home a haul of cakes:-) Mine only bring home nits:-(

Mima said...

Home-made mince pies and a log fire - sounds wonderful, but I don't envy you the trek out into the cold to collect everything that you need to make it!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

sallyq - The shed is most definately heated. I don't do cold if at all possible. It's very cosy.

motherx - I had to be quick with the cakes, dd, ds and dh stuffed them down their throats so quickly you would think they were starving!

fiona - I loathe marzipan but fully understand your need to watch Hugo Boss ad!

lane - you're so funny. I nearly died when mine had nits years ago, eugh. Hateful things (the nits not the children, mind you, sometimes...)

mima - I have to go out again in a minute, horrible and cold.