Tuesday 11 December 2007

Pricked ears, word counts & indigestion

Can you guess what it was that made Grumpy prick up his fluffy ears in such a startled fashion? Yes? No? It was me! When I announced that I was going on a health kick (don't panic, not immediately) in 2008. I intend (there's that marvellous word that is preferable to 'promise') to lose 1-2 stones by eating healthily and walking Grumpy more often (hence the surprise). Usually I walk him at the weekend and dh is the one who walks him during the week. I know that I should start immediately but it's too cold!

My word count so far this week is abysmal thanks to my excesses at the Christmas party, being away and today... well, I've just been madly busy. So shall stop this right now, feed people and then make haste to the comfort of my shed.

Before I go, I have made a worrying realisation that each time I eat chocolate, I seem to suffer from indigestion. NOOOOOOO! What did I ever do that was so dreadful in a past life? Why can't my body be telling me to stop eating fennel, marzipan or meatballs or some other such revolting thing? Could it possibly be that I've spent my life over-indulging in the glorious delight that is chocolate and never touch the others? More than likely. Right, enough of that, I'm off.


HelenMWalters said...

oh dear - I'm not sure Grumpy really WANTS to be walked more often!

Ray-Anne said...

Do you have the same indigestion when you eat fatty food? Cramps in the stomach?
And it is FAR too early to think about 2008! I'm still recovering from the shock that it is now December. I cut the last of my pink roses yesterday - in bud and in full blossom. And this morning it is minus 4 C. What IS going on?
Well, back to the slave pit.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - Grumpy has been walked today on the beach and was a pain.

ray-anne - I dont really get stomach cramps too much with food but shall certainly pay more attention to it. Thanks. It is damn cold out there today but at least it's sunny I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Well I did one of those food allergy tests once and everything I thought that would come up as bad for me didnt.(wheat, dairy etc) Youll never guess what came up!....CHOCOLATE! (no I havent stopped eating it..no way!)