Wednesday 30 June 2010

Turning the Tide Publication Day & The Hive

Today is the official Publication Day for Chris Stovell's brilliant debut novel, Turning the Tide.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you should, because you'll miss out on a treat if you don't read this book. If you want to learn more about Turning the Tide, please read the recent interview I did with Chris for Novelicious here.

Another fun discovery is The Hive, which you'll find out more about here

It's great fun and yet another thing to keep me from getting on with my huge 'To Do' list.

I'm off now to try my daughter's raspberry creme brulee. Can't wait.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Poppies, Birthdays & Summer Solstice

I adore Poppies, however this clump near my front door is probably going a little too far. My husband, who doesn't share my passion for them, isn't convinced I haven't had a hand in sowing seeds for these, and believe me the photo doesn't do them justice, they're up to my husband's waist and he's 6ft. He's had strict instructions not to mow them, and so far seems to be listening to me, though for how long I'm not entirely sure. I love them, they're so colourful and can stay there for as long as they wish to as far as I'm concerned.

We enjoyed a splendid evening at Les Landes Race Course on Friday night with transport to and from the course being arranged for all the guests; incredible food displayed in the marquee and a bar that catered for everyone's tastes. The view from the enclosure overlooking the track looks out over the channel and as the horses thunder past you look out over the ruins of Grosnez Castle towards the sun as it sets past Guernsey, Jethou, Herm and Sark. A perfect evening.

This week it's my son's birthday the day before he comes home for the summer holidays and next weekend we're having a big family get together at my dad's house. My brother-in-law is over from New Zealand for a few days and it's my mother-in-law's birthday on Midsummer's day, as well as my neice and nephew's birthdays later on in the week. There's so much going on, but it's all good fun.

Monday 14 June 2010

Shed of the Year 2010

I'm a little confused - okay, I know it's nothing new - but I've just noticed that my shed, 'Grumpy's Palace, is in this years competition... Serves me right for not paying attention - again!

So if you have a second to spare and the inclination to do so, please can you go here and vote for me.

Many thanks.

I'm now going to go and pour myself a glass of wine and watch tv with Grumps for a while.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

An Award & My First Day

Thank you to Talli Roland for nominating me for this Honest Scrap Award. Talli's first novel, The Hating Game is out next year and can be pre-ordered here.

The rules are that I have to list 10 facts that aren't common knowledge and pass them on to other bloggers. Excuse me if you've heard #1 & 10 before!

1. I started a new job today after spending the last nine years with my previous employers. I was a little nervous going there, but loved it. Such a relief.

2. I can ride sidesaddle - a completely useless talent in this day and age.

3. My children can trace their ancestry back to the doomsday book. I can just about trace mine back 150 years or so!

4. My aunt is a nun and I was 'asked to leave' the convent where I went to school when I was twelve. Not a good catholic start for me. They said I was 'charming' but if I didn't want to do something, nothing could make me do it. Nothing's changed there then.

5. My favourite food (apart from chocolate of course) is pasta. I adore it.

6. I've written 3 chick lit novels, 1 book about the WW2 era, 1 YA novel and have just started working on a book based in the early 20thC. I've only just started submitting. Well, I've submitted one of them.

7. I met Tony Curtis when I was 10.

8. I can see the coast of Normandy from my bedroom window and even the lights there at night.

9. I endured a Force 10 storm in boat. It wasn't that bad really.

10. I'm Editor for Little Black Dress Thursdays at Novelicious and sometimes review other chick lit novels there too, and also contribute reviews for Bookersatz.

I'd like to nominate the following five brilliant bloggers:

Fanciful Alice
DJ Kirkby

Friday 4 June 2010

Poor Him & Moving On

My poor Grumps has been rather unwell, but after an injection of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, he's back to his bossy self. This won't last because unbeknown to him he's got an appointment with the brave lady who clips him. This will entail:

a) Happy, waggy dog leaning up at the car window, until;
b) he sniffs the air and realizes where he's going; and then
c) he trembles as if he's going to fall apart at the seams and has to be dragged (or lifted) out of the car and handed over.

Poor him. Thankfully I've persuaded Rob to take him today.

It's been a busy week finally handing over all my clients to colleagues and leaving yesterday at 2pm to be taken here for an afternoon sitting in the sun by a pool with two fabulous friends. We laughed, chatted, ate and drank pink bubbles from 2pm until late - I say this because I can't remember the time, but I think it was about 8-ish. So, I'm a little fragile this morning, but it was worth it.

I haven't wound down yet and still have clients on my brain and was typing Minutes two minutes before shutting down my computer and leaving. Shows what a ???? not sure what word to use there, but I'm sure a word for 'person who can't switch off and spends time away from work fretting about clients and To Do lists' is what I'm looking for 'pillock' maybe? I'm nervous for next Tuesday, but will be glad to get started and start settling in.

I went to see Sex & The City 2 the other night. Frivolous, camp and such fun. Loved it.

Today is going to be about 27 degrees (apparently), which is great as I have family coming for dinner and love it when we can eat outside. I'd better go and see if I can persuade Sas to help with the hoovering.