Friday 30 April 2010

That Friday Feeling

I'm so thrilled it's Friday. I've had a busy week, which has turned out to be far more exciting than I could have imagined. It's not a writerly excitement and I'll be able to say more about it next week.

My son left a message on the answer phone the other day, saying, "You've got to call me as soon as you can. I've just met Eddie Izzard and he's awesome. Hurry up and call me back." Then added as an after thought, "It's your son by the way." Bless him, as if I wouldn't recognize his voice. Naturally I called him immediately and he told me about meeting Eddie Izzard and having had a photo taken with him. I was so jealous as I think he's fabulous and still can't quite get over how someone can run all those marathons. An amazing man with more tenacity and determination than I can imagine most people ever having.

My editing is coming along well and I intend finishing working through my MS either today or tomorrow. It has red ink on practically every page, but I'm happy with the changes I'm making and hope the improvements are as good as they can and should be.

I'm in the middle of reading Sarah Duncan's book, A Single to Rome. I've read all of her books so far and always enjoy them. As well as this book, I'll then read the next two for my Little Black Dress Thursday feature at Novelicious - it's such a treat reading these books. After that I'm looking forward to reading Crossed Wires by Rosie Thornton. I've had a sneaky peak and can't wait to start reading. Right, I suppose I'd better get back to the editing, as it won't get done without me.

Thursday 22 April 2010

Awards, Chocolate & Editing

Thank you to Lily, DJ Kirkby & Suzanne for nominating me for this Beautiful Blogger Award. It's just what I needed when I was feeling sorry for myself after J returned to uni the other day. Instead of nominating 10 people, please consider yourself duly nominated if you're listed in my Blog List.

I have to admit that S isn't missing her brother at all - callous little minx - and has even been waiting for him to go, hoping he wouldn't remember to eat his last remaining Easter egg. On Tuesday evening she asked if she could eat it and knowing that chocolate always helps lift the spirits - or is that just me - I said she could share it with me.

This weekend I've got a lot of editing, reading and studying to do, and can assure you that they will be in that order too. In fact, I doubt the studying will have too much attention given to it, for now at least.

I'm also waiting to see if I still need to fly to London on Monday for a meeting with one of my clients. If I do, I'll need to be up at the crack of ghastly hour to check in at the airport. I normally wake at 6am, not have to be suited and booted and arriving at the airport for that time. However a good friend is also in London on the same day and has invited me to meet her for lunch, so I'll have to hope the meeting doesn't go on too long, so that we can catch up with each other.

PS Have just learnt that client is stuck overseas due to travel chaos & meeting has been postponed. So, lunch is off for now, but at least I don't have to get up so early.

Saturday 17 April 2010

Time Flies

I can't believe it's been a month already and that J is now preparing to return to uni. I say 'preparing' in the broadest sense, as to be honest he doesn't seem to be doing anything any differently. His washed, ironed/folded clothes are where they've been left in his room since I put them there and I don't think he's actually fully unpacked his bag since arriving. However, it's been wonderful having him back for a month and now I've got to take him to the airport on Monday and be brave again.

He's concerned that as all the flights have been cancelled in and out of the island for the time being, he's going to be late returning to uni and will miss lectures. I've got a feeling he's more bothered about missing his girlfriend, L, rather than any lectures, and I can't say I blame him. No doubt I'd be exactly the same.

Grumps has had a great month driving J mad by barking at him and racing up the stairs after him every time he goes to his room. I don't think J will miss him too much, and will probably be glad of a bit of peace.

I suppose I do talk to him all the time on the phone and thankfully there's email too. Also, S never shuts up long enough for me to feel like the house is too quiet. She insists she won't miss him at all and going by the constant bickering between them, I think she probably means it.

Grumps and I will miss him though. Sigh.

Updated PS J's flight for Monday has been cancelled, although he's been down to the harbour and queued with many other people and now has a place on an extra boat that's been scheduled for Tuesday. So, if his flight is cancelled again, at least he'll be able to get to England by Tuesday night. He's much happier now, as is his sister who is secretly hoping he'll forget about the Easter egg he still hasn't eaten.

Saturday 10 April 2010

Good Times

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, both here and on Facebook. I went with Rob and the teens to Corbiere Phare - this is a pic of the view, and my camera is an ancient brick of a thing as well as being fairly useless - where we had a wonderful meal. Then it was back home to visits from friends, the last one leaving at 8.40pm, which was fine as I was relaxing in front of the tv with a glass of the pink bubbly stuff to watch the second - brilliant - episode of Ashes to Ashes.

I've had a relaxing and productive week off, which has been helped no doubt by the weather being so beautifully sunny and fairly warm. As well as managing to study a little each day for my exam - groan - I've also increased the word count on my current WiP from just under 12,000 words to just over 24,000 - hurray.

Today we're out for breakfast down at St Ouens, where I'll be taking Grumps for a quick walk on the beach whilst they order the food. Rob's youngest son is then flying back home to England, and I'll then be going to visit my youngest sis, then on to catch up with my godmother who has just returned from a trip to Las Vegas.

Then it will be back to the shed and my characters who, I'm happy to say, won't stop talking to me and giving me ideas. Next week, it's back to work, but I'm not going to think about that until Monday.

PS. Rob has just come in to show me his son's flight details. He doesn't go back today, it's tomorrow morning! So we've all been woken up early when we didn't need to be. Nevermind, I'm still happy to go out to breakfast, even if getting the teens out of bed has been a little like trying to raise the dead.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Chocolate Overload & Word Counts

Well, after going without chocolate for so many weeks, I think I've pretty much made up for it since Sunday. I've also been sitting here tapping away and have increased my word count from 11790 to 20500 in the past three days. All I want to do is work on my WiP. Unfortunately though I also have to study for an hour or so each day, otherwise I'm never going to pass this exam and the thought of having to pay to resit the thing is enough of an incentive to keep me going.

So far it's been a great week off work and apart from writing in the shed, I've been taking Grumps for walks on the beach and going out for several meals with the family, with more still to follow as it's my birthday on Friday.

It's probably just as well that I'm back to work next week, otherwise all this sitting around and eating is going to lead to me getting a 'writer's bottom' sooner rather than later.

Friday 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

I'm so relieved. I have 10 days off work and can't wait to be able to spend more time reading, writing and generally taking it easy. No doubt I'll have to do some studying, but never mind.

I have S-S#1 and J (my son) over from uni, Sas is here of course and S-S#4 arrives on Saturday morning from Cumbria to spend a week with us. So, we have a fairly full house, which means that Grumps and I will no doubt be taking refuge every so often in the shed.

The dining room table is covered with Easter eggs - thankfully only four are mine, so my intake will be restricted a little. I can't believe I've managed not to eat a single bar of chocolate since February, but will no doubt make up for it on Sunday.

Ahhh I can picture it now. Me reclining on the sofa reading Trisha Ashley's fabulous latest book, Chocolate Wishes, whilst working my way through kilos of chocolate. Bliss.