Wednesday 21 November 2012

Exploring Bunkers with Grumps

Here's a picture of Grumps on one of our walks last weekend. He's lucky to have many different areas to go for his walks thanks to a couple of nearby beaches, a beautiful valley walk around a nearby dam and also the sand dunes down in St Ouens Bay.

This is one of our favourite walks. He particularly enjoys wandering around the bunkers - again in St Ouens Bay - to sniff out the rabbits and generally be a little snooty towards other dogs. I, on the other hand, love wandering around there - as well as Noirmont, another bunker-filled area - to study the bunkers and to think through plot strands for my WiP. It's more pleasant when the weather is warm and sunny, but I particularly enjoy these walks in gloomier weather because the atmosphere helps my imagination so much more when there seems to be the threat of a storm coming across the channel.

Do you have a favourite place where you go for inspiration?