Friday 9 May 2014

Liberation Day

It's Liberation Day here in Jersey. You can't miss the daily reminders of the Occupation of Jersey - bunkers are dotted all over the island. On 9 May 1945 Jersey was liberated, and for the past 69 years the islanders have celebrated this historical date with services, a day off work, raising flags, and thinking about how it was for those trying to survive living with the enemy through the Occupation, and those that left everything behind as they hurried to avoid the arrival of the Nazis.

The Prime Minister’s words announced the end to the war in Europe and the “unconditional surrender of all German land, sea and air forces in Europe”. When, amidst great cheers across the Island, he uttered the words, “our dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today”, he confirmed to an elated Jersey that their liberation was finally to become a reality. Excerpt taken from:

This photo was taken this morning of our flags and although it's a little overcast, it will be sunny later - it's always sunny on Liberation Day!