Wednesday 31 October 2007


And Happy Birthday to Andrea too! I'm fitting writing today's blog in between helping my daughter get ready for a Halloween Party that she's going to.

Honestly, I thought I took an age to decide what to wear. She was supposed to be going as a bat but doesn't want to now and is going as a cross between "Jason" and "Freddie". She has the "Jason" claw hand and hat and the "Freddie" mask and cleaver. At least, I think that's what she said. She has just gone to my wardrobe to find a suitable top!??!?!? I'm not quite sure what that says about my taste in clothes. I know that I can look slightly un-Elle MacPherson-like on the odd occasion (several years older, feet shorter and rather rounder) but to suggest that my attire has shades of a known psychopathic killer is somewhat disturbing! Maybe its her subtle way of suggesting that I need a makeover!!!

I shall drop her off and then race home to watch the National TV Awards and hope that the divine Richard Armitage puts in an appearance. Mind you I gather that Life on Mars is on the shortlist so even if he doesn't all won't be lost if I get a peak at Philip Glenister. Bless him! I don't know who enjoyed Life on Mars more, me or the children. My son kept saying how he envied me living in the seventies and wouldn't believe me when I insisted that my life consisted of going to school in Jersey and was not nearly as thrilling as the racing around in an orangy/brown Cortina somewhere in Manchester as depicted in the series.

Enjoyed watching next week's episode of Spooks last night and seeing so many of the places that the husband and I visited last weekend. So exciting! Have just been told that I have to be ready to leave in 5 minutes as I'm now collecting one of daughter's friends... Enjoy your evening.

Monday 29 October 2007

Overdoing it and paying the price

Yes, as I was saying London was exhausting - all that hopping on and off the underground and trying to cram oneself in with too many other people like antisocial sardines was more than a little ghastly. I have no idea how people manage that every day to and from work. They have my total admiration. Rob and Dan saw a night scene of a couple in a cafe being filmed in Russell Square (or was it Bloomsbury Sq) with - I think - Adrian Dunbar, though knowing how brilliant Rob is at names it could have been virtually anyone at all apart from perhaps Alma Cogan whom he would recognise.

Did the madly touristy bit of going upstairs on a double decker bus - the underground where we wanted to get on again, was closed - such fun and eating a very tasty lunch at the Crusty Pipe, Covent Garden whilst listening to a string quartet. Well, that's what they were supposed to be but there were about eight of them?! Excellent entertainment though. Did the usual Tate Modern - stepped over the crack in the cement floor and saw paintings by Jackson Pollock, Dumas, Kandinsky and Matisse - fabulous! Then there were the strange ones such as a light switch reflected on the wall, child-like drawings, an artist's ghastly unmentionables in a tin etc - I completely missed the point..! I suppose it's all about perspective, or something. Walked over the Milennium Bridge - doesn't sway anymore, which is a relief. Saw the Globe Theatre - beautiful.

Went to see Woman in Black. Yes, I know I've already said so but it was brilliant. Two very talented actors - Dominic Marsh and Michael Burrell playing several parts, very spooky. I would see it again without hesitation.

Talking of Spooks, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who isn't enjoying this series as much as the previous ones. I also prefer the different stories each week and hope that should they film a seventh series that they will revert to the old format. Nevermind Rupert is there to hold the fort!

Missed Robin Hood - I know, still haven't recovered but there was nothing I could do. I was out at the Coal Hole with the divine Pete and Andy and their lovely friend "Stella", sorry that's Stacey. I drank far too much as I usually do when I'm with them and had to travel home yesterday with the hangover from hell. Serves me right!

Sunday 28 October 2007

Sooooo tired!

Hello there, just wanted to say that I've not forgotten about my blog - thanks for the messages by the way - but have just returned from three days in London and so will post tomorrow. I'm just not used to all that walking!

Had a great time though and if any of you get the chance to go and see The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre, do so. It was wonderful.

Till tomorrow...

Thursday 25 October 2007

Yay - its the weekend (for me anyway)

After a completely vile day at work I have now thankfully finished for the next four days. Sheer bliss! It couldnt come quickly enough either. Have been writing madly, well not like a mad person or anything but getting those words from brain (mushy though it is) to screen and am thoroughly enjoying it too. I wish I could do this all day and not the day job!

Am off to bath and blow dry (with hairdryer, not personally) the poor dog. I don't know who hates it more, him or me. Well, I suppose it must be him but tough. Sometimes we have to do things even when we don't want to and when you're only 14 inches tall you don't stand much of a chance against a determined female who is 51 inches bigger than you happen to be!

Happy Friday for tomorrow. The shed beckons so bye for now.

Wednesday 24 October 2007


I have a friend who is a little concerned by my Richard Armitage obsession and so to balance it up - and for her too - here is a tasty little picture of the heavenly Rupert Penry-Jones who thankfully for me and my friend Andrea is now gracing our screens in the brilliant Spooks on a Tuesday night. Unfortunately, having the patience of a gnat (do they have any at all?) I then turn to BBC3 (I think it is) and watch next weeks episode. This is all well and good but then next week I have to watch the same episode again...

I am happier today as it is nearly the weekend. Yes I do know its only Wednesday but hey thats better than a Monday!

Off to the shed!

Monday 22 October 2007


You think he looks grumpy? You should see my face. I hate Mondays and am glad that the work day is well and truly over... until tomorrow morning! Boo hiss!

Sunday 21 October 2007

Glorious Sunny Sunday

My heartbeat has now returned to near normal after watching the gorgeous one bare his delectable torso and now - this is for Gerry - I'm back off to my shed to prepare the required info to send out to agents. I shall keep you informed...

Rob mowing, dog doing his utmost to kill the lawn mower and not succeeding since he's only fourteen inches tall. Children have been persuaded into the garden to do their bit and I'm going to hide in my shed and get on with my writing. Sheer heaven, what more could I want, sun, peace (well almost) and laptop at the ready.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday 20 October 2007

Roll on 7.30

SOOOOO excited, cant wait until Robin Hood at 7.30 tonight! I have waited with baited breath and whispering humbleness all week for this episode to see the gorgeous one remove his leathers and make thousands of women swoon even more so than usual... I was even tempted to add this pic as my screen saver at work but didnt think my boss would be impressed so refrained.

Have just returned from a fun birthday party (for my four year old nephew) with lots of chocolate cake and rose (for the adults at least) and am now trotting off to the shed to catch up. Woke at 2am this morning with a great start to a new book and wrote it all down as I blearily did my best to focus on the page. I didnt remember until this afternoon that I had written anything at all and was relieved when I took a peak that I could decipher the notes fairly well.

Must dash. The laptop and Midget Gems beckon.

Friday 19 October 2007

Quelle Relief - its finally Friday!

SO relieved to have finished work. Crazily busy as usual, barely time to think let alone anything else. Cant wait to get into the shed and catch up with my word count. Thankfully I have a descent stock of Midget Gems (so much better to chew than wine gums, take longer to eat too. Always a good thing).

RP is coming along nicely but I have promised myself that I shall send off novel No:2 this weekend. I have no problem making time to sit and write in fact I could write 24/7 if I was allowed to, its the sending them out that's the problem. Such a coward!

Right, I've had my Armitage Army fix for the day and now its off to the shed to get working.

Thursday 18 October 2007

First time blogger!

Finally, I've sat at the computer long enough to set this up. Having spent far too long mooning over pictures of Richard Armitage, instead of working on my manuscript and coursework, I thought I should get on and sort this blog out!

Today the weather has been glorious and I've spent 2 hours checking emails and pics of "the gorgeous one". So now Im off to the shed to do what I should have been doing all along - get on with that third novel.

I seriously have to think about sending out the other two. Keeping them in my shed is not going to get me published.