Tuesday 17 March 2015

Still Writing...

So much happened last year, both good and bad, but whatever happens I'm still writing and loving every second of it. This year, I'm about to start working on my third psychological thriller. This isn't a genre I'd considered getting into until recently, but after writing romances, historicals and even a YA novel, I have to admit that I've loved getting absorbed into dark and twisted storylines.

Even though I don't have Max here to snore while I spend hours at the laptop, I now have two rescue dogs, both scoundrels, Jarvis and Claude, who keep me busy and ensure I step away from the screen... rather too many times on occasion, to take them outside for walks, feed them and just pay them attention. It's a good distraction and oddly enough, stepping away from what I'm doing allows ideas and twists I hadn't previously thought about to enter into my brain.

I've been working in the house this winter, but now that the weather is getting warmer again, I'm looking forward to getting back to my shed and my pink Lloyd Loom chairs. I'm not so sure a third chair is going to fit in there though, so maybe I'll have to think about taking the dogs' beds for them to lie on while I write.

Do you have company while you write?

Happy writing! x