Saturday 29 October 2016

Coming Soon - Beautiful Faces, a Novella

This winter I'll be putting the final touches on to my prequel to Broken Faces, Beautiful Faces.

This novella is the story of the lives leading up to the start of the Great War, it shows a brief insight into Lexi's love for Freddie, while Freddie hides his secret adoration of his best friend Charles's fiance, Lexi. You'll discover their hopes and plans for a future that is cruelly shattered by the war from which none of them will escape unscathed.

The cover is a picture of my paternal grandmother, Mary, who was born in Meerut, India where she lived while her father, one of the 17th 21st Lancers were stationed there. I based Freddie on my great-grandfather, a blonde, handsome cavalryman who went on to fight in the Great War where the lives of cavalrymen was very different to any other battles they'd experienced before. 

I hope you like the novella and hope to publish it in January 2017.