Tuesday 31 March 2009

Books, Books & More Books

I've just been told by the lovely DJ Kirkby that I'm a winner in her competition, and the prize is a copy of this book (love the cover) by Nik Jones. So, once I've received my copy (can't wait) I shall read it toute suite and review it here.

I'll soon be off on my travels and the most important thing I have to concentrate on packing, apart from tickets and passport of course, are books. Now, when you have teetering tbr piles like I do, it's difficult to make a choice of only five or six.
"Five or six?" said R, when I bravely told him how many I'll be taking. "Is that all?"
"I'll be fine," I assured him. "There are shops where we're going, so I can always buy more."
Apparently, he was being sarcastic.

I've just started reading this book, and I'm loving it. I met Debby Holt at the recent RNA Awards Luncheon. She was so friendly and fun that afterwards, as I was waiting to catch the Gatwick Express, I tottered into the nearly WH Smith and bought a copy of this book. I've since realized that I also have another of hers, Annie May's Black Book in my tbr pile and will no doubt be reading that one soon too.

Friday 27 March 2009

Sir Guy of Gisborne is back!

What more could I ask for, 6ft 2inches of smouldering, tension, dressed in black leather - oh, be still my rapidly beating heart - Robin Hood is back for a third series tomorrow night.

So, bring out the chocolates (in my case a hefty box of Thorntons), turn off the laptop, pour yourself a well-deserved glass of chilled rose, and settle down for a treat. Or is that just me? After a week of research (loving it, though frustrating at times), editing, and working on short stories, I'm looking forward to this.

You can find the Richard Armitage interview with the BBC press office here together with a new photo of Sir Guy with his long hair. (I have to admit to preferring short hair, and in R's case, shorn so short that he could pass as a convict. Suits him though, he looks gorgeous).

Mind you, I do think Sir Alan Sugar is a legend, though spookily enough he reminds me very much (in manner, rather than looks) of my Uncle Barry. I was watching The Apprentice the other night with J and said, "Why does Sir Alan remind me so much of Barry?" J replied, "Because he IS Barry." Right, now I've given myself a giggle, I'm off to the trusty laptop once more.

Monday 23 March 2009

Bookersatz Review & Chocolate Eating

The lovely ladies at the fabulous Bookersatz site, where they review books of all genre, taste and style, have very kindly posted my review on Denyse Kirkby's excellent book, From Zaftig to Aspie.

So please pop over, have a read and even leave a comment if you'd like to (pretty please). It's the first book I've ever reviewed, so please be gentle.

I had a wonderful Mothers day, and the first one for eleven years where I woke up to my children in the same house as me, as Mothers Day always seems to be on a Sunday when they're at their father's house for the weekend. However, this weekend, he was going out for the evening, and as I didn't see the point of them being at his house when he wasn't there, especially when they could be at home with me, I kept them. It was the best present - although the enormous box of chocolates and the gorgeous card was a wonderful bonus.

I was also given a pretty orchid, small box of chocolates, and a funny card from Grumps, but I have a sneaky feeling that R was somehow behind those gifts. I've now managed to almost eat my weight in chocolate, not an easy thing to do, and strangely enough still am happy to eat more. Chocoholic, moi? Surely not.

PS I even finished, and posted, my tax form!

Thursday 19 March 2009

Sicknote, Tax Forms & Dog The Bounty Hunter

I spoke too soon when I said that his grumpiness was on the mend. I took him for a check up on Saturday and the vet (never met her before, won't bother with her again either) insisted he was fine. On Monday, he had a relapse, so R took him back to our favoured vet (older chap and wonderful) who gave the poor chap (dog, not R) an injection, more pills and some special food that he hates. He seems much better though.

I've just promised R (for the umpteenth time) that I'll complete my tax form this weekend. (((Groan))) I shall definately TRY to, and know that it'll be such a relief to get the damn thing out. (((Another groan))).

Right, I'm off to eat the gorgeous roast beef supper R has been cooking, then it's back to the editing, well, after I've watched Dog the Bounty Hunter with J & S. We're complete addicts at the moment, and love it.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Scary Moments in the Garden

After a week when I've been a little sore thanks to a minor op that I didn't blog about because I knew S might look at the post while she was away and worry. Then Grumpy was so unwell that he had to be carted off to the vet three times, eventually being kept in under observation, and only allowed home after various injections, so that he now resembles a particularly fluffy pin-cushion. Sas is now back from her ski trip (she had a ball) and so I feel I can post about my traumatic week.

Grumps and I are perfectly fine and so pleased to be back to normal (well, nearly) that we both joined R in the garden for several hours today. I can't believe it was so cold and icy so recently, and that I wasn't cold despite only wearing a vest top and cut off trousers today. Bliss.

I was cheerfully minding my own business, pulling leaves and weeds from one particular flowerbed, when something soft moved in my hand. Naturally, I dropped it instantly, and being the utter drip that I am, I screamed so loudly, I'm surprised you didn't hear me from where you live.

Poor R, no doubt thinking that I was being attacked or had done myself a dreadful damaged, raced around the house, eyes wide with horror, shouting, "What's the matter?"
"Frog," I breathed back, doing a sort of tribal dance, and pointing down at the ground.
"It can't be a frog," said Mastermind. "We don't get them over here. It must be a toad."
"TOAD then!"

He picked it up gently and took it over to the hedge near the field where there's a pond and they obviously must come from. "Poor little thing wouldn't have hurt you."
Yeah well, it certainly gave me a damn fright. Ewww.

Right, I'd better get on. Still have ironing to do and guess what else? Yup, more editing.

Friday 13 March 2009

Red Nose Day - Not Missing Out

Pat Posner asked if I'd bought Grumpy one of these red noses (found here: Digital Red Nose). I hadn't, but why should he miss out?

He's not the only canine Red Nose Day supporter. Just look at Shirley Wells' dogs, sporting their own red noses. Don't they look gorgeous.

I've spent most of the morning at the hairdresser, and am duly blonde again, so now I'd better get a move on and carry on with my editing. After all, it won't get done without me.

PS. Did you see Jeffrey Archer's writing place on The Book Show? I love follies and have to admit to feeling a little envious. I wonder if R would agree to replacing the shed with my very own folly? Nah, thought not.

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Red Nose Day, Friday 13th March

Wondering what I could possibly do to contribute to Red Nose Day, I was thrilled to find how to digitally download a red nose here at the very talented Caroline Smailes' blog.

For only £1.00 with 87p going to good causes, it's a brilliant idea that even a technophobe like me can manage, as you can see from the rather deranged expression on my photo. You're then free to download the photo on your blog, Facebook, or whatever.

It's a perfect way to get involved in Red Nose Day this friday (13th March) and do something funny.

Sunday 8 March 2009

Back in the Shed

It's such a relief to be back in the shed once more. Although I can write pretty much anywhere (unfortunately not at work, but that isn't due to lack of wanting to, more because I'm not paid to do that/don't have a second to). It has been so cold recently that the poor heater couldn't keep me warm enough, despite copious layers.

The editing is coming along really well, although I can't wait to finish working on this book as the next one is driving me mad it's so desperate to be written. I'll need to do a lot of research for this one, and have been doing bits and pieces for about a year now, but have determined to get the three (and a half) books I've already written as good as I can, and only then will I let myself become fully absorbed in this one.

Talking of cold, S arrived at her ski destination safely, has had breakfast, and is on her way to the ski slopes. How do I know this? Well, the school has set up a blog and is keeping parents up to date this way. I was so impressed, and not a little in awe at how different schooling is from when I was there 110 years ago.

J's op went very well, and at some point the doctor noticed his shoulders shaking and asked if he was all right. J had to admit that he was giggling. Mind you, he soon stopped when the anaesthetic wore off, poor devil.

Thursday 5 March 2009

World Book Day

It's World Book Day, and today my nine-year-old neice, M went to school, not at a well known book character, but as her very own character that she's written about in her books. She's pre-published, but having read her work, I think she's definately got a good career as a writer to look forward. I just wish I'd started as young.

The lovely Phillipa Ashley's latest book, It Should Have Been Me, is published today, and having enjoyed her previous books immensely, I can't wait to get my copy from my poor long-suffering postman.

Today, S-S#1 arrived for a long weekend, which is fun as we haven't seen him since Christmas, tomorrow poor J is having a minor op on his sore toe (I've got to take him but will no doubt be banished from the room as I'm such a drip when the children have to have anything done), and S is off to Austria on Saturday for a ski trip with her school.

It's all go.