Thursday 7 April 2016

Writing Magazine

Some of you might know that although I write in my own name, Deborah Carr (or D M Carr) and I also write a contemporary romance series, The Jersey Scene, for Accent Press as Georgina Troy

I'm delighted to have been interviewed as me (Deborah Carr) for the May edition of Writing Magazine for a new column, 'I Wish I'd Known...'

I'll be talking about my fear and a little about my historical romance, (as Deborah Carr), Broken Faces, as well as writing for Accent Press as Georgina Troy for my Jersey Scene Series - A Jersey Dreamboat (book 3 is out now) and A Jersey Bombshell (book 4) is being edited for publication in June/July.

If you subscribe to the magazine and read the piece please let me know what you think.