Saturday 31 January 2009

By Popular Request

One Of The Few (thanks Troy for that idea).

Grumpy looking dapper in what J calls his pilot's outfit.

Grumpy taking a break from working with R.

R keeps this coat with his own high visibility jacket, just in case he takes Grumpy with him to work and he has to make sure that he can be seen.

I have to be honest and admit that he only ever wears his coats when it's freezing cold and he's recently been clipped. Otherwise we just let him race about as he soon warms up when we go for a walk.

Right, enough displacement activity for me. Now it's back to the (gorgeous) laptop and on with the redrafting, otherwise I may end up spending the next decade working on the same WIP.

Have a great weekend.


HelenMWalters said...

You wouldn't think he could do a face that's grumpier than his normal face would you? But looking at these photos he clearly can. Bless him - he is so cute x

Cait O'Connor said...

Oh bless, he looks so sweet in his coat. I saw two horses this afternoon coated up in a field, good protection from these bitter winds, they too looked cosy.

DAB said...

Love them (and Grumpy) :) TFx

Leigh Russell said...

Love the pictures of Grumpy! If there was a prize for looking cute and grumpy, he'd win my vote.

Melissa Amateis said...

I love the bomber jacket. Too cute!

Jenny Beattie said...

I love the pilot's jacket. That's exactly what it looks like. I can just see him walking across the airfield to a Wright's brother plane...

Christina Phillips said...

LOL! Grumpy looks sooo cute in his coats!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh I love the high Viz one, how hilarious!

Jayne said...

Hehehehe - Grumpy looks so fabulously, well, Grumpy!

Lane Mathias said...

Love them.
Laughing at the helmet and paper in the hi-vi one. Where's his cup of tea?

Lucy said...

Hope your redrafting continues to go well. I'm going to try to reconnect with mine today.

Revolutionary Road was *amazing*. Kate Winslet is absolutely superb.

Troy said...

Love the brown coat! Our dogs (when we previously had them) never wore coats and we would have had a true "battle of britain" to get them to keep them on.

Pat Posner said...

Grumpy needs boots to complete his outfits, Debs.
Shh, don't tell him I said so.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helen - he truly is the champion of miserable faces.

cait - They'll certainly need them in this weather too.

tf - thanks.

leigh russell - mine too.

melissa - he is rather sweet.

jj - lol, I can just picture it.

christina p - he is so funny.

dj kirkby - it's a little small bless him.

mummy - he lives up to his name.

lane - I probably drank it!

k imaginelli - it went fine, thanks.

I can't wait to see this film.

troy - lol.

pat - I would definately have a fight on my hands to put boots on.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the book. You must be a speed reader or something! (or maybe I'm especially slow.) you get through books so quickly!
Grumpy looks gorgeous as ever. He lives up to his name in that pic def!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

motherx - I read every morning in the bath, and can't tell you the amount of times the children have nearly missed the bus because I'm too late to take them!

He is a miserable looking thing, isn't he?