Friday 13 February 2009

The Best Laid Plans

The lovely postman delivered a package for me from Amazon today. This time though, I hadn't ordered it, it was a present from my mother in South Africa. So, thanks Ma. It's called, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne arrived in the post today, which apparently reveals the mystery of the hidden potential within us all based in the universal Law of Attraction. Well, I'm willing to give anything a try (well, almost anything) so I'll certainly read it.

I was going to spend the day writing, however it didn't quite happen that way.

Drop S off at bus stop - a two minute journey - then return home and spend the day writing and submitting novel/short stories.

What Actually Happened:
S too late for flippin' bus, which meant that I ended up chasing the damn thing. We stopped at one Bus Stop and S raced to get on, but wasn't fast enough (despite being a sporty type). So, we then continued to follow it, hoping it would stop again, although when it did, it was only for one person, and as they now have prepaid bus tickets, getting on the bus is very quick, so our efforts proved fruitless.

One po-faced mother, who spent an entire hour in the car, stuck in endless traffic to take a sulky daughter to school, before eventually returning home.

At home, I asked J how his toe was. He showed me after a bit of persuasion, ie, "You're not going snowboarding unless I know that bl**dy toe is getting better." Put it this way, it isn't any better! So, booked doctors appointment, took him and now he's on antibiotics and needs a minor op in a couple of weeks.
"What if the doctor says I can't go snowboarding?" he asked, not in the slightest bit concerned that he must be in dreadful pain.
"He won't." I assured him.

I'm half-way through this fab book by Adele Parks, and as soon as I've finished packing for J & S to go on their travels with their father, I'll settle down and carry on reading it.


Carol said...

Aren't Mum's great!! I love it when I get unexpected parcels through the post.....usually it's something daft from Chris's Mum :-)

Blimey, is that the same toe thing J's had since before going to Thailand??

C x

Kaye Manro said...

What a day you've had! And so close to Valentine's Day! I hope 'the kid's toe' gets better quick, for your sake!

And BTW, I have The Secret. I first got it for a bit of research on a story idea, but I kind of like it. It's different. Positive thinking and attracting stuff. Nice concept, but very hard to do, if you ask me.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Whenever I have a day planned for writing something ALWAYS comes up... hope you got some good reading in anyway... that sounds like a good book.

Karen said...

Well it is Friday the 13th you know ...

Have a lovely weekend :o)

claire p said...

Doesn't it always go that way? Next time plan to have a bad day, and then it'll all be fine! Personally I've given up planning.

Hope the toe gets better, sounds nasty.
At least you got some reading in, so not a complete waste of a day :O)

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol and where will you hide when J finds out you've lied to him hmmmmmm? xo

HelenMWalters said...

What a lovely present, lucky you.

Annie Wicking said...

What a great Mum you have!

Enjoy your read and tell us all about it.

Anonymous said...

hi Debs,
Glad to hear that you are enjoying the book, and thanks for spreading the word. Are you the same debs that I have spoken to via Facebook? Small digital world eh?


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I loved The Secret. Am still waiting to attract riches, though - probably not using the method properly.


Jayne said...

oooh the book package sounds very interesting!

Sorry to hear about the toe and the laid plans and all that eh? Hope you can make up the writing time soon.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

carol - yes that was lovely of her, and yes, J is still suffering from the same toe problem. Such a pain.

kaye - hopefully, J will do as he's told this time and take the medicine etc. Such a pain.

I've had a skim through the book and it looks interesting. I'll have to now go and read it properly, see if I can get the hang of it all.

lbm - I did manage to do some writing and send in a submission, so all was not lost.

This book does look good, and I love the cover.

karen - true, and my sister will be hiding all day as she hates 13th.

You too.

claire p - maybe that's the way to go, just give up planning. I think I'll try that.

dj - lol. I suppose my hiding place is rather obvious, as it's always the shed!

helen - I know, isn't she lovely?

annie w - she is smashing. I shall let you know what I think after I've worked my way through it.

adele - my pleasure, it's a great book.

Yes, I am the one on facebook. It really is a very small world.

suzanne - me too! I need to attract an agent and publisher, so will keep reading the darn book and hope I come up with the secret to how to write a bestseller.

mummy - I love the cover of this book, it certainly made me want to read it.

Thankfully this week J & S are away with their father and I don't have to chase buses!