Friday 26 February 2010

Bookcases, Storms & Being a First Aider

I had a phone call from my mother this morning - she lives in South Africa - telling me that she'd seen this post showing a photo of my tbr pile of books in the hallway leading to my room and was horrified. "I showed it to the girls in the office," she said. "They couldn't believe how many books you have stacked against that wall."

She then went on to tell me that she's buying me a bookcase so that they can be stored neatly and my hallway won't look like a stockroom any more. Little sis has been given the job of locating this for me, so who am I to argue with such a kind offer? Thanks Ma.

According to the dark-haired weather girl (probably called something far more PC now) on GMTV, the Channel Islands are 'in for a pasting' this Sunday as the storm that caused so many problems in Madeira is on it's way up to us. So, liking nothing better than an excuse to get into the garden, especially after months of very little happening, Rob has announced that he has jobs for me to do out there. One of the jobs is to help him prune my apple and lilac trees. I do wish he'd leave them alone, but he insists they need doing before the storm. Groan.

I'm a First Aider at work. Now, before you think that this is because I'm a generous and kindly person, think again. My motives behind the original training course were simply to have two days out of the office with my good friend Rach. Now I need a refresher course and will be going for a days training on Monday. I have already told them that I will not be giving anyone the kiss of life. Unless of course, Richard Armitage happened to visit the office and pass out in a dead faint. Highly unlikely, of course, but a girl can dream. Or, maybe Gerry Butler may need a Trust Officer to tend to a small injury? No? Thought not.


Chris Stovell said...

'In for a pasting' doesn't sound great, Debs. Batten down the hatches.

Have terrible first aid at work story... had to do CPR/mouth-to-mouth on my very first call, but to no avail. Poor man had died before he hit the ground. The next three calls weren't so great either. Most pathetic award went to a young bloke who came to see me about a splinter in his finger!

Michelle said...

Oh we may get the tail of that too here in Conwall. make sure grumpy is secured!
I empathise with the bookcase situation, my curent one has deep shelves and they are now two rows deep!

Unknown said...

I'm with you Michelle. Book shelves in my home are overflowing with books. Although I don't read them all, there is something comforting about having them around.

Faye said...

Oh my lordy! Debs may get to tend the divine RA's booboo? I've even gotten excited over his Olympics commercials--that man, that voice. Totally understand your being willing to be the designated first aid officer. Anything to get away from the office.

Won't this incoming storm take care of the pruning? Have a good weekend Debs whether it's organizing the new bookshelf, pruning or reading a good book.

Alice said...

great news about the bookcase... maybe I should post a photo of my decrepit car in the hopes that someone will see it and offer to buy me a new one!!!!! hmmmm. Good luck with the pasting ;-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

chris - what a horrendous experience for you. I'm sure I would have panicked and been no use whatsoever.

michelle - two deep. I like it. Maybe I should think about doing the same thing.

andrea - I agree. I love my books and my most important decision regarding packing when going away is what to read.

faye - I can dream. Rob rolls his eyes when I go on about RA.

Rob's concerned that the storm will break off some branches and damage the conservatory.

alice - lol! I had thought about posting a few pairs of my older shoes in the hope of Ma buying me new ones, but didn't want to push my luck.

Joanne said...

We had buckets of rain yesterday and snow falling all day today. Spring and winter are vying for equal time right about now! Enjoy your new bookcase :)

Melissa Amateis said...

Oooh! Maybe Daniel Craig will stop by! ;-)

BTW, you can find those journals that I posted about on my blog in the U.K. Here is a link:

Denise said...

What gorgeous looking trees. My apple trees have gone for the gnarly, scary look instead.

I'm the first aider too, and managed to get the 4 day course! Fortunately in the last 10 years I've not been asked for more than a plaster. Have fun!

Anna Scott Graham said...

You make me giggle!

Hope that storm isn't too awful. If Jeanne Calment was there, she'd just get her chocolate and wait it out. a kilo a week, can you imagine?

What a lovely mum you've got, btw... :)))

DJ Kirkby said...

Perhaps the storm will be so bad that you wont be able to get into the garden or the office?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

joanne - It's sunny here at the moment and I can't imagine it being as stormy as they're predicting. Hope I'm right.

melissa - now he would be a welcome visitor to the office, or anywhere for that matter.

Thanks for the link to the journals.

denise - I love it when trees are all old and gnarly. I dont think these are old enough maybe.

I wish my course was for four days. Hopefully all I'll need to do is put on a plaster too. I haven't done too much, but did send someone home when he was ill, then was told that I didn't have the authority to do so!

anna - I think JC had the right idea about life, it certainly worked for her anyway.

She is generous, I was thrilled.

dj - nice thought, but he wants to work in the garden today before the storm tomorrow. Drat.

Kat W said...

Bet you're glad you posted that picture of your tbr pile.

What is it with men & pruning. Last year my husband decided to "prune" the apple trees which were looking romantically unruly. After he "hacked" them into submission they looked abused abandoned & naked. I was so upset.

And I think the first aid course could be an investment. You never know which gorgeous film star may get knocked off his feet in stormy weather on Sunday. You may have to rescue, give kiss of life & insist they take off their wet clothes. As a skilled first aider you will be well prepared for this likely scenario.


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I'm with Alice - going to post photos of my own tbr piles and hope someone will send bookcases.

Keep safe this weekend.


Sherri said...

Fingers crossed the worst of the storm passes you by.

(I suppose you could always build a shelter out of books!)

Becky said...

lol Debs. Well my stepdad was so horrified at all our clutter in the loft, he has declared it a
" nothing more to be stored there " zone !
Honestly, one of the floorboards up there has already collapsed under the weight !..but it's so hard to get rid of things isn't it..especially books !

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

katw - me too.

He's had a go at the trees, but i was standing guard. Now I'll just have to hide the lopper things if I ever go out anywhere and leave him home alone.

I love the idea of knowing a bit of first aid, but not the thought of putting it into practice. Well depending upon who it is, I suppose.

suzanne - good idea. I'm going to go through my wardrobe now and see if I can find a few bits to post next :)

bernadette - now that is a good idea!

becky - Love it. I remember my dad insisting I clear my boxes of stuff from his loft several years ago, but I didn't manage to damage any floorboards.

Kaye Manro said...

Good idea, Debs. Post it get a new one!~ Sounds like a job well done to me. We are still having snow here. Ugh!

DJ Kirkby said...

How's the storm? We're having lashings of rain here too. I've left an award for you on my Chez Aspie blog.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

kaye - lol.

Glad we don't still have snow here - never really had much compared to other places in UK. We've got rain though. Lots of rain and high tides tomorrow.

dj - nothing much so far, only rain and a little flooding, which isn't a problem for us as we're high up, but for my brother it's going to be a little bit of a pain especially as there are high tides forecast tomorrow.

Many thanks for the award.