Thursday 27 May 2010

Publication Day: Moonlighting & Like Bees To Honey

It's publication day today for these two books.

One I've read and loved - Moonlighting by Kate Lace and you can see my review today at Novelicious - & the other I'm looking forward to reading, hopefully over the weekend.

I've just received my copy of Like Bees To Honey by the lovely Caroline Smailes and can't wait to start reading it. Don't you just love that cover?

I've succumbed to the lurgy and as well as a gravelly throat (voice akin to that of the husky Ms Mariella Frostrup) and feeling dizzier than I usually do, which I'm sure my husband would find a little hard to believe, I seem to ache all over. Poor me.

My son phoned at 11.15 last night to tell me that he is coming down with the same thing. He has his last exam today (1st year at uni) and so I hope he feels okay. His exam is something about the cold war and european political history.

Me, on hearing the subject of the exam: *Groan* How horrible. That must be so boring.
Him: No, mum. I love it.


I can only think that he gets this interest in politics from my father or grandfather (who was a Senator in the States over here many moons ago) because he certainly wouldn't get this from me or his father. Good luck to him though.


Lane Mathias said...

I don't think Ms Frostrup's voice has damaged her career at all:-)

Hope you feel better soon and all the best to your son too. Perhaps you'll have another senator/politician in the family one day?

Queenie said...

Poor you indeed, as someone just recovering from a very similar lurgy you have my full sympathy. Like Bees To Honey is an excellent read for the convalescent, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Get well soon x

Chris Stovell said...

Best wishes to you and son, hope you both feel better soon. Off to read your review now.

DAB said...

Hope you're feeling a tad better? Go to bed, rest and read :)

Sherri said...

Hope you and son are feeling better soon. It's not nice taking exams when you're poorly!

Anna Scott Graham said...

Wishing you a quick recovery! And that your son does well on those exams...

French Fancy... said...

Sorry to hear you are poorly - hope it passes soon, Deb

Talli Roland said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.

I started reading 'Like Bees to Honey' last night and I love it so far!

Jayne said...

oooh sounds like his course is rather like mine - I loved it too :) lol enjoy the books, I've not managed to do much reading recently...and even less writing. I MUST get both those sorted! Feel better soon xx

Troy said...

Having a husky voice isn't such a bad thing - perhaps you could do an M&S advert voice-over - but having the lurgy sounds most unwelcome. Hope you get well soon and good luck to your son in his "fascinating" exams.

HelenMWalters said...

Like Bees To Honey is absolutely beautiful. You'll really enjoy it.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - unfortunately the voice will only be like this for a few days I should think.

queenie - I'm looking forward to reading it.

chris - thanks, on both counts.

tf - sounds like a good idea to me.

bernadette - I know, poor thing. He did phone me later to let me know that he think it went well, which is a relief for him.

anna - thanks very much.

french fancy - thanks, I hope so too.

talli - great, I'm glad everyone is loving it. I'm about to start reading it now.

jayne - he loves his course, which must be a relief. The only exams I've done recently are for work, so I suppose I assume all studying for exams is a bit of a drag.

troy - if only they'd employ me to do that. What fun.

helen - I'm looking forward to it.

Flowerpot said...

No I agree with Lane about Mariella's voice! Glad your son is enjoying his exams - I hated them!

DJ Kirkby said...

I had that cold last week, ick. Enjoy your duvet time, reading Caroline's book is sure to be a good way of going about it :) I've got a copy that I'm saiving for when I can read it all at once!

Liane Spicer said...

Hope you're feeling much better, Debs, right in time for the weekend! At least you have good books to console you.

My sister loves the history and politics. Urgh. Blech. To each his/her passion!

Pat Posner said...

Hope you're both better now, Debs!


Kaye Manro said...

Late but here! First I want to say I hope you are feeling so much better by now, Debs!

And second, I just have to send you a special *thanks* for being there and supporting my Forbidden Love release and blog tour. I love seeing you on the comments!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

flowerpot - I hated exams too. I don't think it's the exams he likes, but the subject (strange boy) ;)

dj kirkby - wow, what a powerful book, I read it in one sitting.

liane - I can't imagine finding politics/international r's exciting, but it's good that someone does I suppose.

pat - I'm feeling much better thanks.

kaye - I'm much better thanks, and it's been a pleasure visiting Forbidden Love's release and blog tour. Good luck with everything.

Caroline said...

Hope you enjoy it and also that you feel better soon! x

Nishant said...

At least you have good books to console you.
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Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Caroline - I loved it, thanks.

Nishant - there's nothing better than having loads of good books waiting to be read.