Tuesday 5 April 2011

Exhausted, But Happy

Grumpy was very unhappy that I went away for a couple of days, but Sas and I had a wonderful, although exhausting weekend shopping in London.

On Saturday we were up bright and early and made our way to Oxford Street. I was already exhausted by this point! We shopped until the point of exhaustion, then returned to the hotel with hands numb from the weight of our purchases. I say 'our' but Sas's clothes out-numbered mine by approximately 10-1!

Abercrombie & Fitch was the next place on our list. We arrived at the street and I pointed to a lengthy queue and said to Sas, 'I wonder what's going on there?" "Mum," she said, a glint in her eyes. "That's Abercrombie & Fitch and they're queuing to have their photo taken with the topless model." I rolled my eyes and went to the back of the queue, grumbling quietly under my breath. Eventually, we were allowed inside and, well, all I can say is, it was worth the wait.

Sas stood next to this beautiful man, whilst a beautiful girl took a polaroid of them. I said, "Smile," and went to take a picture with my own camera. Asking Sas if the flash had gone off, the topless model smiled and said. "I think you've just turned the camera off." (Note to self: Learn how to use the camera). Eventually I managed to take a picture, then Sas called me over and I had my picture taken with him too. Needless to say, I was still a little dazed as we wandered through the dark rooms while people danced on balconies and Sas shopped.

That evening we went to see Legally Blonde, which was excellent. Who knew Denise Van Outen could sing so well? The little Chiuaua who played Bruiser missed his lines at first, but no-one cared because he was adorable and did seem to remember the rest of his script. Great fun and definitely worth going to see.

Sunday we went to the Imperial War Museum and then it was time to fly home. Rob collected us from the airport, saying that my younger sister had phoned earlier asking him to pop to her house to check a problem with her car. When we got there she told me to go into her sitting room and look at her pictures (she's recently moved in and had only just put them up). I walked in and saw someone a lady sitting down. I remember thinking, who is this woman in Rach's house, then realized it was my mother! She'd come over as a surprise for my birthday (on the 9th) and I was so tired I hadn't even recognized her for a moment or two. So exciting and a perfect end to a memorable weekend.


Bluestocking Mum said...

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful weekend; War museum, shopping, a show - I didn't realise Denise was starring in Legally Blonde. I knew she had a very good voice.
And great your mum turned up at end!

The whole weekend sounds like just my type of thing.

Melissa Amateis said...

Sounds like a great weekend - but we want to see the pics of you and the gorgeous model! ;-)

Next time I'm in London, I swear I'm going to spend an entire day at the Imperial War Museum to make up for the last time I didn't get to go!

Faye said...

Like your shopping plan to just have one buddy with you. Sometimes my friends go shopping in a larger group and then end up pairing up by twos anyway. Must ask: did you have even a bit of guilt at betraying our lovely RA with the beautiful stranger? Guess he needs to get himself back from New Zealand if he wants to keep his loyal fans! :-)

Kudos to your family for arranging the surprise birthday visit with Mom.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Oh, Grumpy is gorgeous ... there's a mini Schnauz on the compound here and every time I see him I feel like taking him home with me :) Glad you enjoyed A&F - we're just entering that stage here with DD.

Ps word ver is arskic (which is just what I need to get the packing done this morning :)

Amanda said...

Another great picture of Grumpy!

Glad you had a lovely weekend! x

Jen said...

That sounds a perfect weekend, not least being rounded off by a surprise visit from your mum. Needless to say, I too wan to see evidence of your cavorting with this semi-naked chap!

Chris Stovell said...

Oh, sounds as if you both had a brilliant time - and good to round off with your mum visiting too. I saw my girls last weekend too, so I can't be too envious.... although we didn't manage to find any topless men! (note to self, must try harder next time!!)

Talli Roland said...

That sounds so fantastic, Debs! Glad you two had a great weekend . . . poor Grumps, though!

Anna Scott Graham said...

Oh big cheers for you!! What a fab weekend, topless men included, and I love the end; I'm sure your mum didn't mind... :)))

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a great weekend! I feel we miss out on so much fun by being so far from London, yet I suppose we could fly from Glasgow quite easily (must think about it as it's too long since we've been). Love the photo of your adorable dog.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

bluestocking mum - it was truly wonderful and very special.

melissa - I'm sure you'd find it facinating at the IWM. I spent four hours there and still had more to see.

faye - yes, I did feel a little guilty, but he shouldn't be in NZ for so long :(

It was wonderful to see Ma again.

kate - they get so expensive when they reach this age!

Love the word verification, it suits me too!

amanda - thanks.

jen - when I can get the damn scanner to work at home I'll definitely post the pic!

chris - how lovely that you saw your girls too.

talli - I know, poor him!

anna - my mum is used to me being rather vacant, so wasn't at all surprised.

rosemary - it is a pain, as well as an expense having to fly there, but was well worth it.

Pauline Barclay said...

Sounds like you had a truly fabby time. Did you good! And what a lovely surprise, your mum visiting too. Glad Grumpy has his mum back! x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

pauline - we had a very special, memorable time in London and the icing on the cake was returning to find my mother here! Grumps is much happier now, bless him.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Grumpy is just too cute to be true.

Sounds like a great weekend. Hope the 9th is every bit as terrific.

Happy Birthday.


D.J.Kirkby said...

And where is this photo of you with the nude model, hmmmmm? Show us!

sheepish said...

Have a lovely birthday, we're off to Barcelona for the weekend so I'm not envious of your trip to London, apart from the semi nude man. Although can I ask why????

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

suzanne - he is a bit of a cupcake isn't he?

Many thanks. x

dj - as soon as I can get our scanner to work I'll post it, promise. x

sheepish - thank you. I've never been to Barcelona, but it's a place that I do intend getting to at some point. Have a favulous time.x

Glynis Peters said...

What a wonderful weekend you had, thanks for sharing!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

glynis - it was great fun and a weekend that Saskia and I will both remember for a long time.