Saturday 7 May 2016

Liberation Day & Writing the Sequel

This weekend the Channel Islands celebrate 71 years of freedom from Nazi rule, with Jersey's celebrations being on Monday, 9 May. 

It's a perfect atmosphere for me work on the sequel to Broken Faces, Splintered Lives. This is a story set in Jersey, Shropshire and Paris during the Occupation (Jersey), Battle of Britain (England) and discovering what happened to the protagonists after the war (Paris).

This story is a standalone (as my Jersey Series books are) and is about Freddie, Charles, Lexi and Meri from Broken Faces and how their lives have developed since the Great War and the terrible experiences they had to endure during and after that time. 

It'll also be a year since the Jersey Writers launched their anthology, Once Upon An Island - my story is 'V for Victory'. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Over the weekend and especially on Monday we'll be raising the flags, celebrating at fairs and contemplating what those trapped in Jersey suffered during the Occupation from 30 June 1940 - 9 May 1945.

Right, enough waffling, now I'd better get out to that shed and get editing this WIP. 

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