Friday 29 August 2008

Happy Birthday & the Lovely Christina Jones

Look what I received in the post earlier today. My gorgeous, talented friend, Christina Jones has generously sent me a copy of her latest wonderful book, Happy Birthday, with the most delicious cover I think I've ever seen. Isn't it glorious?

I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of Christina's books and was so excited when I opened the package to see this beautiful book that I think S-S#4 wondered what had happened. I'm going to dinner at a friend's house tonight and a small group of girlfriends are being treated to lobster and pink bubbles. I've been so looking forward to it, I just wish now that I could take the book along with me, as I know that as soon as I open it, I won't want to put it down.

I was going to tell you about my morning, but I'm now off to make a cup of tea and settle down to read, Happy Birthday. I can't wait, it's just the thing I need to cheer me up before having to return to work on Monday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. X


Yvonne said...

What a lovely post, Christina must be so chuffed. Enjoy the tea, book and the goodies tonight! Sounds amazing!

Flowerpot said...

hope you enjoy the book Debs - CJ's books are always uplifting aren't they? The girls evening sounds good too!

Amanda said...

Enjoy your read - what a lovely parcel to come with Mr Postman!

Jenny Beattie said...

What a lovely day Debs. Enjoy the book, tonight and your weekend.

HelenMWalters said...

Sounds like you're going to have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Blimey Debs - I've never been in a blog title before! Thank you so much. And I'm just delighted that you're pleased with the book - it was only a very small way to say thanks for your amazing friendship. I do hope you'll like it - and yes I agree (because I had nothing to do with it) that the cover is truly beautiful and Ella Tjader (the artist) is a star - she is so clever and lovely and we've become friends since she did the Heaven Sent cover which I LOVED. Your lobster and pink bubbles evening sounds fabulously glam - wish I could be there - have a great time and try not to think about the dreaded Monday morning... Are you wearing pink???
Thank you again for being such a great friend - oh, and I hope you'll love Rocky...

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - thanks, I'm loving the book and have had to tear myself away to cook children supper and get ready to go out.

flowerpot - her books are a joy to read. Tonight should be fun too, it's always lovely to get together and have a catch-up natter.

annie bright - I know, it was a wonderful surprise.

jj - today has been great so far, I'm going to do very little apart from relax and read. Bliss.

helenmh - it certainly does. Hope yours is lovely too.

chris - I'm already on chapter four and loving it. I've had to tear myself away from it now to cook supper for SS#4, drop off J & S and then on to my friend's house.

Ella Tjader certainly is a star, the cover is so beautiful, as was Heaven Sent, loving the colours too.

I am wearing pink, it'll match my cheeks as well as my drink!

Hope you both have a lovely weekend. X

Unknown said...

Aw, I'm jealous. I have to work all weekend and I would love to be reading Happy Birthday instead. I've loved all Christina's books, but haven't got round to this one yet.


Sally Townsend said...

I certainly approve of your hideaway shed and isn't it wonderful when you get a new book to indulge in.

Lane Mathias said...

Enjoy your very glammy sounding evening - and Christinsa's book when you can kick back and savour it:-)

Cait O'Connor said...

Isn't it great when you get a good book to read?
We have Christina Jones books in the library, they are popular.
Enjoy your girls night out too!

Pat Posner said...

Hope you enjoyed your night out, Debs.
Christina amazes me with her knack of writing fantastic novels and brilliant short stories, too.
I treasure the book she signed for me in the early hours of the morning at one of the RNA conferences!
Happy Birthday is on my 'to buy' list.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

shirley - I hope your weekend goes well for you. I'm thoroughly loving this book and can hardly force myself to put it down.

sally's chateau - I love the shed, it's a haven of peace, despite the messy piles of paperwork everywhere.

lane - the evening was great fun, although my head is a little sore today, but it hasn't stopped me relaxing with this lovely book.

cait o'connor - pure escapism, together with a say of sunshine, bliss.

pat posner - my night out was great fun, thanks.

I agree with you, I don't know how Christina manages to keep producing so many fabulous stories.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your book! What a lovely thing to get in the post!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

motherx - thank you. It was a wonderful surprise and the start to a great weekend. Hope yours was good too.

Casdok said...

Love the cover! Hope you are enjoying it!

Faye said...

Some books are intriguing even before you read the first chapter. "Happy Birthday!" has a cover that says "read me". Hope you had a good couple of hours to enjoy before meeting up with your buds. I understand what you're saying about just wanting to keep reading even though the social event will be pleasant.

Will there be a nice cup of tea for the postman tomorrow?

Phillipa said...

Isn't it a beautiful cover? I can't wait to read it either.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

casdok - it is a gorgeous cover, I'm loving reading it, thanks.

faye - I agree with you, I would have wanted to read this just by looking at the title and cover too. I did manage to read for a bit before going out.

phillipa - it is lovely, gorgeous.

Karen said...

What a lovely surprise - I like her books too (not that I expect her to send me a copy or anything!)

Hope you had a lovely dinner :o)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

karen - it was lovely, so generous of her too. I'm loving it.

Dinner was great fun - relaxing, chatty, boozy, wonderful.