Saturday 6 September 2008

Competitions, Gerry Butler & RocknRolla

I recently entered a competition to write for children aged 7 to 11 years and had an email today letting me know that my entry hasn't been chosen as a winner. Quelle surprise. I think that some rejections/failures aren't as upsetting as others and wasn't too fazed by this one as it was my first attempt to write anything for this age group.

I cheered myself up with a pic of the breath-taking Gerard Butler, who I've used as my muse for the hero, Fin, in my present WIP. I'm loving him and despite having a rather lax week, word count wise due to family visiting, I've had a constructive few hours in the shed and am now passed the 30k mark. I think that I'll have to make time to go and see GB do his thing in RocknRolla as soon as it comes over here.

So tell me, who have you based your heros on? Hope you all have a great weekend, despite the revolting weather.


Melissa Amateis said...

I LOVED Gerard in "300." I'm sure you know which scene I'm talking about. ;-)

I plan to model my next hero on Daniel Craig just because I *heart* him. hehe

Lane Mathias said...

Sorry about the competition:-(

I don't think I've modelled my heros on one particular person. They're more an amalgation. I shall have to have a think about this:-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the competition! I based my 16 year old hero in my sequel teen book, on a younger version of that guy who played Smith in Sex in the City!! Always thought he was gorgeous...and somehow he just seemed to fit the part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for award btw! finally worked out how to pick it up!! Looks great! forgot to say I based the controlling mum and dad in my story on...surprise! surprise! my own parents!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think you already know that the hero of my latest book was the lovely - and hunky - Paul Walker. I needed someone used to hard physical work who would still look hot in a suit.
Paul Sculfor was the back up bloke.
Always nice to have a spare..LOL.
Best of luck with Mr Butler. :-)

Michelle said...

You know it hadn't occured to me to use a muse. I guess my hero will have some of the qualities of David Boreanaz (esp. as Angel, though as Agent Booth in Bones he has the more one-liner opportunities giving comic relief occasionally). I guess a handsome, brooding hero who harbours a secret, whilst also having the ability to quip quick wittedly is a useful amalgamation for a hero.

Of course there is a certain time lord too!!!


Jenny Beattie said...

Sorry to hear about the comp, Deb.

It won't be very interesting to know that my male MC is based on a jobbing actor we all see on TV all the time, but I can't for the life of me remember his name... See, not very interesting, eh?

Caroline said...

Sorry to hear about your comp :(

My hero is Johnny Depp as Jesus. Fabulous! Handsome men make the world a prettier place.


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

melissa - oh I loved him in that and have watched it so many times :)

Daniel Craig is rather gorgeous, all that intensity and ruggedness.

lane - thanks. One of my heros wasn't inspired by anyone at all, but I can see him so clearly and have no idea where he's come from.

motherx - Smith was gorgeous, a great character too I thought.

LOL re your parents and glad you liked the award, it is rather pretty.

rayanne - good idea having a spare too. I Like your taste. Isn't it fun having this fantasy world where we can pick and choose like this.

michelle - I can see why you'd use him and, of course, the timelord.

jj - lol, I'm sure he's wonderful.

caroline - I agree. What would we do without beautiful men to think about. Johnny Depp as Jesus, wonderful.

Marcie Steele said...

Hi Debs, sorry to hear about the competition but well done on the passing the 30k threshold.

That was an interesting post for me. In the book that I scrapped I have a character called Will who has a smile like Will Young. In the book I have just sent to my mentor, I found this wonderful looking guy when I was looking through a hair magazine of all things and he was one of the models. He's pinned up on my notice board and he is gorgeous. In the book, like Caroline, I liken him to Johnny Depp.

Also, Debs, you could try the other way round and ask your readers. One of my was appalled that Will was Will Young and said she had imagined him as I think I have the name right Nigel Harman, used to be in Eastenders? It's very weird when readers imagine your characters as someone else when you have 'made' them what they are.

Great post Debs and good luck with 40k! x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

l-plate - thanks.

I think you make a very interesting point. I know that in the past I've visualized a hero in a book as looking like one person, then found out that he was actually based on someone else entirely, although just as good looking, I hasten to add.

Kaye Manro said...

Debs, I love your hero as Jamie in Outlander! I have my own and he is Orlando Bloom. Loved him in KOH and POC, not to mention in Lord of the Rings! Your shed sounds so relaxing and a good place to write.

Tamsyn Murray said...

Debs, you do have spiffing taste in men. I'm super curious about R now!!

I didn't base my hero on anyone, they tend to pop into my head fully formed or develop as I'm going along. I don't mind looking at pics of gorgeous blokes, however, in case one inspires me...

Faye said...

Well, since I'm not a writer don't have a hero exactly. On second thought, does watching re-runs of North and South with Richard Armitage count as hero worship? If so, I'm guilty!

BTW, I'll be in your fair country next Friday--only two days in London and then on. I'm very excited about trip. Had thought about trying to meet with some blog friends--but decided that all of you were knee deep in writing, editing and so on. Didn't want to intrude. Instead, hope to get to a baroque concert at St. Martins in the Field. Would it be worth the effort of scrounging for tickets, do you suppose?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

kaye manro - You have very good taste too.

The shed is a perfect place to write and think in peace. I wish I was there right now instead of at work.

tam - R is lovely, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?

One of my heros did just pop into my head and I knew I just had to write about him.

faye - there's nothing wrong with a little RA worshipping.

I live in Jersey, so can't be of any help with regard to tickets etc, however, I shall be in London next week, but only on Wednesday and Thursday for the RNA September Party. So typical. It would have been lovely to meet up.

Karen said...

Shame about the competition, but well done on passing 30k! 3k would do me right now, I'm falling behind in the most appalling fashion!

Richard Armitage tends to spring to mind, with a dash of Colin Firth thrown in. I really thought I'd have grown out of Colin by now...

Jan said...

It used to be Heathcliff!!
Then it was Mr Darcey ( sorry Colin Firth)
Now its an assortment of characters that's probably a jumble of lots..
Enjoying your lovely friendly blog very much.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

karen - great taste. I don't think I'll ever grow out of CF to be honest, he's just so wonderful.

jan - thanks for your lovely comment. There are so many beautiful men out there for us to admire, thankfully. Always good for inspiration.

Helen Hardt said...

Hey Debs, you already know how much I love Gerry!