Wednesday 22 October 2008

Gorgeous Henry Cavill & Spooks Link

Next week, R, J, S & I are off to the Charity Premier of the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace and so I was supposed to go to town and buy something for S to wear (well, give it my best shot anyway).

When I say, 'go to town', I actually mean, step out of the office, cross the road and walk about 20 steps and I'm bang in the middle, so it's hardly exhausting work. However, work has been so busy that the last thing I wanted to do was schlepp through the hoards of people and go shopping (especially as it wasn't for me). Anyhow, the sun was out and I have a conscience, not to mention I would have to come up with some believable excuse for not bothering, so off I went just before noon, armed with worn credit card and my mack.

I was just passing Accessorize, when I spotted this apparation of beauty striding down the street towards me. Wow, thought I, he's gorgeous. Then it dawned on me that I recognized him, so I did a double-take and realized it was Henry Cavill, he of The Tudors fame (or if it wasn't then he has a divine brother). Now ladies, I thought he was rather handsome on tv and in photos, but I have to say that he looked far taller, more exquisite and basically breathtaking as he strode passed me. King Street will never be the same again. {{Sigh}}

I now have my hero for novel #5 ready, all I have to do is summon up that vision, I even have the storyline - it came into my head as I drove home. I just wish I could get on with it, but I'll have to contend with making some notes and hope I can keep up this enthusiasm for a couple more months.

Spooks - I just thought I'd add this link for Lane.


HelenMWalters said...

Sigh! Swoon! I bet you bump into John Nettles all the time as well don't you? (Here's more my sort of thing to be honest)

Lane Mathias said...

*GASP* You saw him?! Now that's what I call a lunchtime treat:-)

Thanks for the link:-) I am so looking forward to this. (I'm really hoping Adam didn't kill Jo or if he did it was just faked like Roz). And RA to look forward to too!

Michelle said...

Wow you have beautiful people near you. Cornwall boasts Dawn French, Richard and Judy and Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen. MMMM Although there were rumours that Johnny Depp was buying a place in Rock?
Great picture by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

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Melissa Amateis said...

He is QUITE delicious. When I was in England, I kept hoping and hoping I'd run into Daniel Craig, but the closest I got was a calendar that I bought at the mall in Derby. ;-)

And you MUST go to Bath! I absolutely loved it.

Can't wait for Quantum of Solace! I will be first in line the night it opens here!

Christina Phillips said...

oh PHEW!! Henry Cavill is *hot*. Wow. That was a thrilling lunchtime!!!

Jenny Beattie said...

Oh my, you see? You see, it always happens to other people. Wow you are one lucky lady.

Lorix said...

Lucky, lucky you!

Fionnuala said...

Why do things like that never happen to me, especially so near home where the risk of approaching them and asking them in for a coffee/stay for twenty years/ might be very powerful. X

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - My ex used to have jetskis here (during JN's Bergerac days), he used to come down most days and I had his tel number too. He was very nice.

lane - it certainly was a treat, he was gorgeous.

I think Jo is in this series, so she must be ok.

mickmouse - I was at a 'do' last Nov and LLB and wife were there, I'd so enjoyed their programme and was thrilled to see them and would have said hello but they looked so damn miserable the entire time that I didnt bother.

alexis mei - thanks, glad you like it, keep reading :)

melissa marsh - now that is someone I would love to meet, he is wonderful. I'm so looking forward to the film.

christina phillips - it was rather better than the usual traipse through town!

jj - its not quite the same as sitting on a plane and chatting to the lovely Colin though, is it.

lori - I know, I couldnt believe it at the time.

fionnuala - my daughter is furious that I didnt take his photo.

Amanda said...

ooooh, lucky you x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

amanda - I know, I still can't believe how handsome he is in the flesh.

Carol said...

That must have put a huge smile on your face (am not not jealous at all!!).

C x

Liane Spicer said...

Ohhh! He's gorgeous!

First JJ's sister and that guy from Bridget Jones, and now you!