Thursday 6 November 2008

Celebrations, Giggles & Relief

Work has been a struggle this week, but despite nearly going mad, I only partook of two Celebrations yesterday, and today. One colleague, another Debs, sent me this. I think it was an attempt to get a smile on my sulky face, it worked too.

Last night, Grumpy spent most of the evening in hysterics, barking at anything and everything each time a firework exploded. When I let him out to carry out his ablutions before going to bed, he didn't know quite which way to go as fireworks were going off in pretty much all directions around the house. I think there'll be more on Saturday, so shall have to take extra care of him then too.

I was supposed to go out to collect J later this evening from some school thingy (??), but he's just txt me and told me that he's getting a lift from a friend, such a relief. Now, I can light the fire (it's flipping freezing) and catch up on my word count, as I haven't added to it for a couple of days (I've been editing, so I haven't been not writing, as it were).

I shall stop waffling now and let you have a look at the AA advert above. I'm still giggling.


HelenMWalters said...

Poor Grumpy. Fireworks and pets don't really mix do they? Hope he's recovering.

Jen said...

That video is awesome! My trolley always runs away - I imagine it's some bloke's idea to build supermarket car parks on a slope?

Poor Grumpy. My own huge 'n' stinking beast has been known to leap onto the bed in the night and lie across our heads. It's a pleasant experience, I tell you.

Annieye said...

Brilliant advert. We've all been there haven't we. Sympathise with firework probs. Barney is very scared too. There are some going off round here tonight, but I've put the TV on really loudly trying to fool him.

Lane Mathias said...

Ha! Love it:-)

Glad you haven't got to brave the cold tonight. Fire and writing sounds much better.

Poor Grumpy. Peggy know just how he feels:-(

Pat Posner said...

I wish they'd ban bangers!
Homeopathic Phosphorus tablets are quite good for fear of fireworks.
Tessa B is on one a day until Sunday when, hopefully, it will all be over.

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for making me smile;-)

Give Grumpy a hug from me.

Best wishes,

Troy said...

Yes,a very amusing advert. Mrs Troy has taken to getting Tesco to deliver to our home. She used to mock people who did that and call them lazy - now she just spends about 2 hours doing the ordering online instead of going to the supermarket. I think it is her subtle way of keeping me off the computer.

Jenny Beattie said...

Fantastic advert and yes, total recognition.

Amanda said...

Very funny!

Molly hates the bangers too! :-(

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - thanks, he's fine now. I'm just hoping there's not too much noise tomorrow night.

spiralskies - it made me think of being on CCTV when I'm at the supermarket. I'll have to remember to keep calm.

Love the picture in my head of your dog, bless.

annieye - I had the curtains closed, tv on and most of the time he was distracted, but then an extra large one would nearly give him a heart attack, bless. He is a drama queen too, which doesn't help.

lane - it was funny, wasn't it?

Poor Peggy, I love the picture of her, so cute.

pat - I didn't know that. Thanks, I shall have to go and get some.

annie w - have hugged his lordship, as instructed :)

east anglian troy - what a good idea, ordering online. I don't think we can do that with food over here.

jj - lol, me too.

amanda - I loved it.

Poor Molly x

Carol said...

That really made me laugh Debs!!

Poor Grumpy....hope tomorrow night is not too awful for him!!

C x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

carol - I enjoyed it too.

I shall have to keep the tv loud, that or find him some earmuffs!x

Chris Stovell said...

Debs, the only answer for Grumpy is to live in the wilds of west Wales where farmers shout at you (at the very least) if you so much as light a sparkler! Makes it lovely and peaceful here.

DJ Kirkby said...

Poor Grumpy, the noise makes me quite jumpy too and I understand why they are going off. That vid is funny, resembles most of my shopping experiences.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

chrish - Grumpy would be thrilled to have all that peace and quiet. I love fireworks, but have to put him first (and then sneakily look out of the bedroom window at them if I get the chance).

dj kirkby - I love the video, so funny.