Friday 7 November 2008

Lovely Books & Embarrassing Moments

A couple of weeks ago, Susie Vereker gave away ten free copies of her book, An Old-Fashioned Arrangement, and I was lucky enough to be one of those ten people to receive one. Mine arrived in the post today, thanks Susie, I can't wait to read it.

Susie's next book, Paris Imperfect, is out on 1st December, but available to order now. I love the cover.

Whilst working through High Heels & Scandals earlier today, I reached the point where my hero and heroine spent the night together. I'd forgotten that I'd let my mother and sister read the manuscript a couple of months ago (my mother writes too, and both she and my sister enjoy the same genres that I do) however, apart from NWS, they were the first people to read the novel.

Anyway, I digress, there I was deep in contemplation, making notes on my pink flashcards, when I noticed (couldn't miss it really) a pencilled note (by mother) saying, "Excellent, sex scene great. Well done." I have to admit that it brought home to me that people (I know) will be reading this. Rather a surreal moment, and one that gave my sister an enormous amount of amusement when picturing me reading the note.


Rose Red Art said...

Argh! If that had been me I would have wanted the earth to open up and swallow me! I'm not letting my dad read my book until it's published all because of the naughty scenes. I couldn't bare the thought of him reading them. Awful!

And the same would be for my mum and the rest of my family if they actually knew I was writing, which they don't.

Tamsyn Murray said...

Gawd, poor you. Did you curl up??

HelenMWalters said...

Oh dear! Still, it's good you're getting used to it!

Melissa Amateis said...

I admit, on the books where I have written sex scenes, I'm still a bit hesitant to have my family read them!

Chris Stovell said...

Well done, that's a tough one! (Mind you, I think Ma would probably moan mine were a bit tame!)

Ladybird World Mother said...

Youch... family and sex... yeurrch!
They just do not mix...
We used to have a priest who used to come and stay with us when I was a teenager. I can still remember toe curling moments when we would all be watching the telly and there would be some 'unsuitable scene'... absolutely ghastly. No one would know where the hell to look!
So good luck with the sex scenes!

Michelle said...

Think this is why I am writing for children!! Totally admire you writing stuff like this though, not sure I could...mine might be more like a Carry on movie as I probably would end up making it funny so my parents could read it without me turning a scarlet shade of red!!

Unknown said...

IU nearly spilt my coffee when I read about your Mum. Brilliant though that she can appreciate the skill! 16 yr old DS1, who I hasten to add has not read anything I've written including emails to him, told me i had to put more sex in my books if I wanted them to sell! The cheek :-)

Carol said...

I've had the opposite experience...the pleasure (aherm) of reading a very very explicit sex scene that my Dad wrote!! He's a very talented writer but he should stay away from sex scenes...sometimes less is more!!!

C x

Jenny Beattie said...

LOL to the sex scene.

I finished my copy of An Old Fashioned Arrangement yesterday. I really enjoyed it.

Flowerpot said...

Brilliant - I'd take that as a real compliment!

Leigh Russell said...


I was reading an extract from my book to my local writers' group. The book isn't published until March, so this was a 'preview'. A fellow writer commented that one character's language was rather tame. "But," I replied, "my mother's going to read this!"
"You're not writing for your mother," he pointed out, when he stopped laughing.(Bear in mind I'm technically old enough to be a grandmother). "She's still going to read it," I protested, also laughing by now.

I suspect my mother's far more broadminded than I am!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

paige - I've had worse. My aunt (whose a nun) actually read something of mine, and I forgot what exactly was in it.

tam - I actually laughed, still it was a tad embarrassing.

helenmh - I think it's something we have to get used to, however embarrassing.

melissa marsh - it is a strange thing to have to do.

chrish - mine too, I think.

ladybird world mum - that is embarrassing. I would be the same with my dad.

mickmouse - I can certainly see why you would do that.

liz - so funny, bless, 16 year olds are so lovely.

carol - that made me laugh so much, I think that's definately worse to read. I can't imagine reading something like that my dad could have written, lol.

jj - I'm looking forward to reading mine.

flowerpot - I think you're right.

leigh russell - I think we see our parents as our children see us. So strange when you're a parent yourself. I think mine is probably more broad minded than me too.

Casdok said...

Eeek! Yes a good reminder!!

Jayne said...

oh no!!! I've wondered about family and friends reading my work and yes, toe curling seems a good phrase! I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! lol

Christina Phillips said...

That made me giggle, Debs! My two daughters (both over 18)are horrified that I write erotic romance. But, they both bought it while assuming me in the strongest possible terms that they were Never Going To Read It!!!!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

casdok - I had to laugh, but it was a little strange to see the note.

mummy - it's something we all have to get used to at some point, I suppose.

christina phillips - love what your daughters said to you.

Liane Spicer said...

My novel has been in the house for months and I've refused to give my mother a copy. I can't deal with the idea of her reading those sex scenes. My sister read it and didn't comment (she doesn't normally read erotic stuff), and I'm yet to give my brother and his wife their copy although they remind me every few days.

This shouldn't be so uncomfortable, but it is. I wish I could keep everything I write away from family and friends.

Debs, you won a novel (Jeff Rivera's Forever My Lady) over on my blog. Please e-mail me a name and address where I can send it, and congratulations!

B.H. Dark said...

LOL, my dad tells me he skips the sex scenes in my books.

Your mum is cool for leaving a note!

B.H. aka Julie C.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

wordtryst - I know how you feel. If only we could write for people who we'll never meet!

Thanks so much for the book, I'm thrilled and can't wait to read it.

julie - bless, my dad would definately be the same.

She is rather cool.

Beth said...

I recently had a conversation with my mum where she said something along the lines of 'we were teenagers once you know'. But I don't believe her :o)

Your mum is cool.

Anonymous said...

How emb! but at least it was complimentary! that must have felt weird though.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

b - it's strange now that I'm the one with teenagers who look at me like I've never had a younger life. I still do that to my mother - so wierd.

motherx - very, but as you say, at least it was complimentary.

Susie Vereker said...

So glad you enjoyed An Old-Fashioned Arrangement, JJ. Glad copies arrived safely. Happy reading, Debs.

Yes, I think I've got over the embarrassment of the family reading sex scenes, though mine are less graphic than, say, Jilly Cooper's! All the same, I think I wrote all scenes in a less inhibited manner before I was published. Now it is more scary - people might actually read the darn book.

But I was using some scrap paper to write a shopping list when Son 3pointed out it had a seduction scene on the back - better not leave it lying around, he advised!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

susie - I can't wait to read it.

I can just picture the scene with the shopping list and your son, so funny.