Saturday 19 December 2009

Nearly Christmas

Here's a picture of the wreath on my front door. It's actually made up from two old ones, but looks rather fetching I think.

We've had snow showers on and off for the past three days (coming up from France I think) and it looks lovely, though more green than white now that the sun has been shining today.

Yesterday driving to the hairdressers was nervewracking (one snowflake and everyone goes in to panic mode over here), people were phoning and cancelling every few minutes, but nothing can hold me back from my regular 'blonding' appointments. Even the dog was clipped, but we shan't focus on that as every time he sees me glancing at him he immediately starts shivering. I would worry, but he stops when he thinks I'm not looking. Such a diva.

The children are at their fathers this weekend and the husband (so wonderful) has just phoned asking me what I want for supper. He's a great cook and so I know that whilst I'm sitting in front of the fire with a glass of something cool in my hand, gazing trancelike at Strictly Come Dancing Finals, he'll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Bliss.

Right, I suppose I should go and finish working on my damn synopsis because much as I may wish it, the words won't magic themselves on to the page and write itself for me.


Anna Scott Graham said...

If snow fell here, I imagine most Californians would do the same. :)))

Sounds like a LOVELY evening! Enjoy that fab meal, good telly and as for that synopsis, have you asked Santa yet?

Oh if ONLY it were that easy!! :)))

Alice said...

Love the wreath - very fetching indeed :-)
Happy holidays and enjoy your dinner and relaxation!

Troy said...

That is one amazing wreath. So your hairdresser also clips the dog? Let's hope they never get confused and you come home with short hair and a blond dog.

Jan Jones said...

That's a really clever wreath, Debs. And Troy - I was going to say that, but you beat me to it!

Pat Posner said...

It's a lovely wreath, Debs.
Enjoy your meal and I hope you get the 's' thing finished.

Liane Spicer said...

Lovely wreath, Debs. I envy you your cooking husband!

Synopsis writing is wretched, isn't it? I tend to do a horrible first draft where I just throw everything in there then I start cutting and refining ad infinitum. Hope yours proves tractable.

Cait O'Connor said...

That is a very pretty wreath.
Hope you enjoyed the Final, I know I did.

Amanda said...

What a lovely wreath, Debs.

Good luck with your synopsis!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

anna - I still haven't asked Santa, so shall get on with it. After all, you never know.

alice - thank you, it ended up looking better than I had expected it to.

troy - yes that wasn't such a well written post, was it. If you could meet my hairdresser and the lady who clips him you'd see why that was even funnier than you imagine, they are complete opposites in so many ways.

jan - glad you like the wreath. Still giggling about the dog being clipped at the hairdressers.

pat - thanks. It was a lovely evening and the meal was perfect. The synopsis is being tackled head on today.

liane - he is a bit of a treasure.

I'm slowly getting there with the synopsis and will finish it today if it kills me (famous last words).

cait - thanks. I loved the final, so enjoyable and I thought they both danced os well. Glad you enjoyed it too.

amanda - many thanks.

Flowerpot said...

Lovely wreath and hope you enjoyed the finals of Strictly - I was on the edge of my seat at that Charleston! Oh and good luck with the dreaded synopsis....

Jen said...

It's taken me 8 years of living in rural Sussex to escape my Jersey jitters about driving in the snow. The excitement of seeing those first few flakes will never leave though.

Love the wreath - hope you have one on your shed door too?!

Jen said...
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Lane Mathias said...

What a beautiful wreath.
Hope you enjoyed Strictly and got the dreaded s*******s done:-)

Queenie said...

Aarrgghh, synopsis, I'll be there myself (again) in a while. The bit about your dog being a diva made me laugh out loud. We had a little snow here this morning, but it's melting now. Still frrrrrrreezing cold though.

Millennium Housewife said...

lend me your husband, there's a love.

Carol said...

I love your wreath!! We bought a small one yesterday (no-where near as fancy as yours) which I have put in a shallow olive green bowl...we're going to use it as our centre piece for the table. (it's got wee red berries on it and looks very festive)

I'm a lucky girl too...I sat and watched TV last night whilst Chris cooked....he made a stunning chicken and ham pie with a cream and white wine sauce (my mouth is watering just describing it!!)

C x

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Lovely wreath.

We've still got quite a bit of snow - and some bright spark at our local council decided not to grit the roads so it hasn't been pretty. Am just hoping it clears up before I next have to go into the office on Tuesday.

Hope you enjoyed the dinner and the synopsis writing went well.


Karen said...

That wreath is gorgeous - you can make me one if you like :o)

Good luck with the synopsis - I keep mine very short, less than 500 words, but that doesn't make it any easier to write!

Jayne said...

I love the wreath, it looks great! I was in London on thursday night and was stunned to see it snowing when we came out of a gig at 11:15 at night! Bizarre sight and then as we drive back up to Cambridge it was worse by the mile. By the Friday morning we woke up to 5 inches of the white stuff! Having said that, there's not much now I'm back home. Just ice. Hate ice!!! :)

DAB said...

Good luck with the synopsis m'dear. TFx

Chris Stovell said...

Synopsis writing is really tough - especially when your characters go off piste once you sit down to write the story! I've got several different versions of current WIP. Goodluck with it.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

flowerpot - thank you, it turned out better than I'd expected.

I loved Strictly, especially the Charleston and was thrilled they won.

spiralskies - we really are hopeless when it comes to snow over here.

Nope, nothing on the shed. Very lax of me.

lane - loved Strictly and have nearly finished the dreaded S...

queenie - thanks. He is such a drama queen, so exhausting.

millennium h/w - not a chance, he's far too useful.

carol - it sounds lovely.

I'm drooling at the thought of that delicious sounding pie, yum.

suzanne - thanks.

There's always some fool who makes these clever decisions. He/she probably lives close to everything and doesn't need to worry about gritting roads.

karen - no probs.

500 words, I shall have to remember that, though what to leave out is such a dilemma.

jayne - I love the snow, but loathe the ice too. It was so slippery here on friday/sat, but all melted now and back to normal.

tf - thanks.

chrish - lol, me too.

DJ Kirkby said...

I really like that wreath and aren't you clever making it from 2 old ones! Our snow is all gone now :) I had a good laugh at the image of divagrumps. Too funny. Good luck with that synopsis, want me to have a read for you?

Fionnuala said...

LOVE the wreath Deabs - HATE writing a synopsis though. You have my sympathy! x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely display! We are just about snowed in which is ridiculous for Hampshire, but no problem.
And you deserve to be spoilt! LOL
Enjoy. love, Nina

Denise said...

Great wreath, mine is still in the loft as S hates the way it flaps about on the door and hits him in the face - men!

The S word... I let myself write an overly long, rambling one to start with just to get it over with. Editing it seemed so much better than writing it!

Leigh Russell said...

Must be cold out in that shed . . . hope you have plenty of mulled wine in there!
The wreath looks very festive. As for your diva of a dog. That made me laugh.
Have a wonderful Christmas, Debs.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Aarrghh - the synopsis - hate them hate them. Good luck with it all. My writing has been neglected over last few weeks due to ill health and Christmas plans. Hopefully I will be sorted in the New Year and can return refreshed and push on with new projects and more importantly complete some of the old ones!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy christmas and 2010.


Faye said...

Loving these holiday decorations that have been fluffed and revived--like your lovely wreath, Debs. I'm with you on being hell bent to keep that hairdresser's appointment, regardless of the weather. For me it's a "brunetting(sometimes leaning to purple), rather than blonding--whatever makes the lady happy, right?

I hope your Strictly Come Dancing Finale was more satisfying than our Dancing with the Stars--Donny Osmond, come on! BTW, have been meaning to tell you that some kind soul has downloaded this season of Spooks for we have-nots on youTube. Looking forward to finale tomorrow night.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

dj - thanks and glad you enjoyed the tale of the divadog. I've sent off the synopsis, but may as you to read it in the future if possible.

fionnuala - they're horrible, but it's done for now. No doubt I'll feel the need to change it again at some point.

nina - snow in Hampshire, that means my aunt must have it also.

denise - love the wreath tale, so funny.

You're right editing is far easier than writing a synopsis. Horrible things.

leigh - hope you have a lovely Christmas too. Hadn't thought of taking mulled wine out there. How remiss of me.

debbie - sorry to hear you've been unwell and hope you're feeling well enough to have a wonderful Christmas.

faye - the final was fab, thanks. I met Donny Osmond once, years ago, and he was lovely. I can't wait for Spooks tomorrow, although it will also mean the end of gazing at Mr Armitage for a bit.