Saturday 4 September 2010

Parallel Universe

It was back to work this week and naturally the sun shone every day, although I did make the most of it and have eaten, read and written outside in the sunshine. Bliss. I've even defrosted the fridge-freezer and bathed the dog, but that had more to do with hitting a bit of a wall in my WiP.

My daughter is off to Jersey Live this weekend and so I'm going to make the most of the peace, quiet and sunshine and poddle about writing, sunbathing, reading, etc for the next two days.

This morning the dog woke me at 8.30 wanting to be let out, so I did as asked, then made my usual cup of Earl Grey and sat down to catch up on a couple of programmes that I'd taped this week. Sas came in and over breakfast we waffled to each other. I then pushed my hand into my dressing gown pocket and instead of pulling out a tissue, pulled out a teabag! Unused, I'm grateful to add. She just looked at me and shook her head.

"Mum," she asked between hysterical giggles and trying not to choke on her Multi Cheerios. "When did you put that in there?"

Rob thinks I do these strange things because my mind is always somewhere else and it's especially worse when I'm in the middle of writing something. Thankfully my family are amused by my little foibles and don't have a problem living with someone who:
a) Spends so much free time in a shed;
b) Asks random questions like, "Where is the door on a 1950s Rampart (boat);
c) Talks about imaginary people as if they were real and matter very much;
d) Stops mid conversation to go and make notes about something;
e) Discusses plotlines with a dog (well, it's not like he'll repeat anything I say);
f) Generally lives in a parallel world to the rest of the family.

What's it like in your world this weekend?


Pecci said...

I'm just starting my first novel, and characters from the next two are invading my mind LOL. By the way considering writing as George Rickwood!

Anonymous said...

Ups and downs this week for me. I have experienced finding a tea bag in my coat pocket, though someone else put it in there as a joke! It was the strangest sensation. Wasn't the weather glorious! However, I had a rather horrid review of ashort story that I'd uploaded to a website, (full of bile with no positives) so that dampened my self esteem, somewhat. Getting the Moleskine cheered me up though.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Pecci - We'll both be in our own little worlds. Liking George Rickwood.

Madeleine - These teabags are getting around. Sorry to hear about the horrible review, try not to let it get you down. Easy to say, I know.

Chris Stovell said...

Oh dear, I recognise that - haven't actually put a teabag in my pocket but do spend lots of time in my head!

Kath said...

I'll be spending my weekend either inside my own head, or that of someone else when I'm reading. They're the best places to be!

Um, I don't see anything on your list as being at all strange - did you put the wrong list up?

Anonymous said...

You sound to be a most amusing person to live with.

All the best, Boonie

Queenie said...

Snotty. But hopefully not for long. Very entertaining post, Debs, thank you - I do enjoy a bit of the random!

Pauline Barclay said...

Loved your Blog today and even more pleased I too am not bonkers! I spend too much of my time with my characters, they are real, they are!
CB and the doggies are used to me twittering on and living in my own world, friends are begining to realise I am not too crazy!

And I loved the pic of your gorgeous dog.

Thanks again for making us smile.
Have a fabby weekend. x

Feisty Crone said...

I'm relaxing this week, after a tough one at work, by exercising, reading, and catching upon episodes of "Fringe."

Have a great weekend!

HelenMWalters said...

Is Grumps any help when you discuss plotlines with him? Must try asking the cats!

Talli Roland said...

How is Grumpy, anyway?

Hope you're enjoying the quiet of your weekend! Mine's been good so far - quiet today, in recovery from last night. Ugh.

Ellie Garratt said...

The parallel world thing is so true. I spend a lot of time staring into space!

Cute dog!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Grumps is just gorgous.

Not much happening here this weekend, but at least the sun's shining.


Flowerpot said...

I think spending too much time in your head is a prerequisite of being a writer! Love the picture of Grump btw! Oh and weekend - sang at a wedding on Saturday, repainted kitchen, blackberried then sunday saw The Girl Who Played With Fire which was brilliant. An unusually busy weekend which was great fun!

Cheryl said...

I went to an Ann Summers party so my world was very girly and a bit cheeky!! Was alot of fun though and even managed to buy myself some leg warmers (from ann summers I tell thee!)

Sunday was full of sleep and a little shopping and then I was sent into a food coma after mummy dearest made a lovely roast.

Oh and I did do some work on a short story for my writing group and set up a film review blog. Very productive, sleepy and funny

Anna Scott Graham said...

Oh this was a WONDERFUL post!! I'm that parallel universe right along with you!

As the hubby was down with a head cold, I washed my car, raked the leaves in the front, watered plants in the back. Also watched tennis and American college football. Today is a holiday, so while I'll still be coddling the spouse, work will resume... Have a great week!

PS... Grumpy does look rather fluffy! And peeved too... :)))

sheepish said...

I don't have teabags just innumerable shopping lists. I can guarantee that whichever coat, bag, jeans etc there will be atleast one old list. Teabags would be more useful!!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

chris - it's a confusing place to be sometimes (in my head that is, not yours of course).

kath - no, right list. So glad I'm not the only one.

boonie - many thanks to you.

queenie - I do hope you're not feeling so bunged up now.

pauline - he is a little cuddly chap, especially at the moment.

gran - hope you had a relaxing weekend.

helen - not much help, but letting me talk my plotlines through (like he has a choice) helps me a lot.

talli - hope you're fully recovered now.

ellie - it's a shame my teachers didn't mind me staring into space when I was at school.

suzanne - yes, the weather was glorious. I hope it comes back again soon.

flowerpot - I'm exhausted reading all the things you managed to do this weekend. Wish I'd done nearly half as much.

lily - it sounds like you had a great time. Fun, food and writing.

anna - Grumpy is usually peeved about something, bless him.

Hope your husband is feeling much better.

sheepish - ahh, shopping lists. Mine are everywhere, but never where I need them to be at the right time.

Bluestocking Mum said...

This made me laugh. I'm forever telling my hubby we are from parallel universes!

Most of the time I'm away with the fairies. It's the standing joke in our house. Perhaps we should live together Debs?


PS - great word verification - dangeli

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...
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Deborah Carr (Debs) said...
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Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

bluestocking mum - I think it's definitely a writerly thing. I usually away with the fairies too.

Faye said...

I'm sure your family has grown accustomed to living with a writer and is not surprised by what comes out of your parallel universe--sounds like it's a great source of amusement, Debs.

This past weekend was Labor Day in the U.S. last summer holiday. I watched movies and read a book that any mother of young people should read--it's shattering, but so honest and true--Anna Quindlen's "Every Last One." Should have washed Willie while it's still warm enough to use the hose outside. Didn't. He doesn't look as handsome as Grumpy, but happier for sure!

Jen said...

How can you be sure Grumps isn't relaying all your plots to other people while you're scribbling in your shed, hmmmm? Beards are always a sure sign of a duplicitous nature you know. I'd keep your eye on him if I were you.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

faye - they are fairly used to living with me, but when my son brought his girlfriend to stay he asked if I could try to 'act a bit normal' when she was staying! Charming.

Your Labor Day celebrations sound perfect.

spiralskies - I think you could be right, he's probably taking notes as I type.

Kat W said...

I think my world & habits seem very similar to yours except I talk to the cat (as opposed to a dog like you). My family & friends just roll their eyes and smile good naturedly at my quirky behaviour. Its part of being a creative person with an overactive imagination.

Hope your weekend was good.

Kat X