Monday 13 June 2016

My Shed in the Writers' Forum Mag

Apart from my fabulous day on Saturday attending Rachel Abbott's workshop, last week had been a bit of a draining one. On Friday the assessor confirmed that my car was a write-off - it wasn't new, but I'd only had it three months. On Saturday the dishwasher died and the cooker followed suit on Sunday.

So! It was hugely cheering to discover that my interview about my shed on Phil Barrington's, Where I Write feature in the Writers' Forum magazine had been published in July's edition.

I'm chatting about my book, Broken Faces - soon to be given a new cover, my research and my writing shed.

Needless to say several copies of the magazine have been brought and I've been showing off about this exciting occurrence to all and sundry and probably driving everyone completely barmy with my shares.

It might be Monday, but it's a very happy one for me!


Jean Bull said...

Brilliant, Debs, I must go and read it in my magazine!

Teresa Ashby said...

I do sympathise over your car. One of ours was written off many years ago by a student who just didn't look as he pulled out of a side road.
What a lovely picture in the magazine. I look forward to reading it. I love your chair. I used to have one like that. So comfortable :-) xx

Anita Chapman said...

Sorry to hear about your car, dishwasher and cooker Debs-but congrats on your article in Writers' Forum, look forward to seeing the new cover for Broken Faces :-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Thanks very much Jean, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Thanks, Teresa. It was a shock and I was upset about my car mainly because it was my first one in 14 years and was a present from my husband. It was second-hand and a good buy and I've now got to find another car to replace it.

I hope you enjoy reading my piece. I love that chair too, they really are comfortable.x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Thanks very much, Anita. I do hope you like the new cover, it's been a long time coming and I'm a little nervous to share it. x