Monday 4 August 2008

It's Sunny So It Must Be Monday

This is a picture of the Divine Miss M who bravely stood her ground yesterday when a wacking great mastiff launched itself into her garden. Such a brave little thing, defending her territory like that, well done Miss M.

After spending a couple of hours at home, J left for work just before 6.30 on Friday and then, together with S, went to spend a weekend with their father (lousy timing but hey, that's life). He finally returned yesterday, after several hours at work and now I know that his favourite part of his trip (apart from meeting Paul O'Grady) was a trek on an elephant. He's lost about a stone in weight and when I said how unfair that was, he said that if I had eaten little but rice and fish for five weeks and walked miles carrying a load of equipment on my back then surely I would have done the same. I think I'll stick to the tried and tested mode of...I was going to say eating more and exercising less but I don't do that either. Oh well.

I'm having a bit of a 'woe is me' day today, writing-wise. I'm sure I'm missing something - a brilliant idea for a plot/inspiration for characters that grab you/any talent at all for this flippin' writing lark. Take no notice, I'll be back with my bum on my chair in the depths of the shed by tomorrow after I've given myself a talking to.


Lane Mathias said...

Poor Divine Miss M! I'm glad she's ok!

I think I'd give the living on fish/rice/trekking thing a miss too. Glad J enjoyed it though.

Hope your mojo is back in full swing asap:-)

elizabeth said...

Love the name - Divine Miss M... it's DIVINE!!!

HelenMWalters said...

I'm having a permanent 'woe is me' day writing wise! Never mind, I have chocolate and wine. Things could be worse.

Kerry said...

That is soooo not a diet I will be trying!! And bless, Miss M the feisty lady that she is. xx p.s.I'm sure the words will arrive, unbidden tomorrow! :)

Faye said...

Glad you have your wanderer home. And he's right--a steady diet of fish, rice and walking everywhere you go will knock off the pounds. I did that for about three years and was at an all time low weight.

Miss M deserves her day of R and R on fluffy pillows--I'm sure there's a scared mastiff nearby!

Noticed from your profile you're a Richard Armitage fan. I just saw North and South last week. Oh my, my. . .

Amanda said...

Divine Miss M is gorgeous!! And so brave! Writing is weird isn't it? Some days you can get ideas that go ping, ping, ping and it all fits into shape (I actually don't get many of those days:-))! And other times nothing. Not a sausage! Hope you have a ping, ping, ping day today!

DJ Kirkby said...

Well today is cloudy Tuesday so I wish you good writing. I am floundering at the moment, haven't written much for a while and am feeling the pangs of withdrawl.

Ray-Anne said...

'eating more and exercising less'- oh, that sounds like a writer's diet to me!LOL.

Upwards and onwards - even if it is lashing down with rain.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

That old 'woe is me', there's a lot of it about. Hope yours is all gone now.

Pacha said...

Writing seems to be about being incredibly high or incredibly low about it, so it seems (at least for me)...

Poor Miss M...conked out after defending her territory! She is so brave!

Oh! I want to go on a trek on an elephant! NOW! That must have been brilliant!

Liane Spicer said...
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Liane Spicer said...

"...eating more and exercising less..."

Sounds like my kind of lark. Why doesn't someone come up with a cheesecake diet?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - she is a sweetie and very brave.

J had a ball but it happy to be relaxing back at home too.

My mojo is back on track again, thankfully, I hate it when I'm miserable and luckily it never lasts for very long.

elizabeth - it is, isn't it. She belongs to a very good friend of mine and is such a character.

helenmh - your writing sounds far more interesting than mine, but like you I do have chocolate and wine so am not too badly off.

kerry - the words are slowly working their way back, let's hope they're interesting.

faye - it's lovely to have him back and little miss M does deserve her R&R so much.

I adore RA and have watched N&S so many times. My family groan whenever I mention him. He is lovely though, isnt he? You are obviously a woman of great taste.

annie bright - thanks, not so much a ping ping ping day but better than yesterday.

djkirkby - its blissfully hot here and v sunny so that has probably helped my mood somewhat.

ray-anne - I like that idea for a diet, actually I follow that one already. Thankfully the weather's sunny and glorious so I shall wander off to the shed in a bit.

zinnia cyclamen - there does seem to be a lot of it about. I tried to comment on your blog yesterday but it wouldnt let me, shall try again.

pacha - mines a bit like that too.

I also want to go on an elephant, I'm so jealous.

wordtryst - now that would be a diet that I could stick to, doubt it would make me slim though.

Marcie Steele said...

having no words is always my brains way of saying leave me be to work out what I need to say.

Have a rest, we always push ourselves too hard. They'll come back when they are worthy xx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

l-plate author - I think you're right and I need to have a bit of a break. Too much thinking about the book and my brain is quite muddled. We do seem to push ourselves a lot, don't we?

DAB said...

Ah! Don't lose sight m'dear, for down in that wee shed there be a Genius at Work! Remember, I've seen the sign:) TFx

BTW Glad the dog is OK.

Carol said...

Poor wee soul...I hope the Divine Miss M is enjoying her well earned rest!! (She certainly looks like she is!!)

Ooohh....cheesecake diet....if you ever find one that works count me in!!!

Sorry you had a 'woe is me' day (your not on your own...we all have em!!) but glad that you came out the other side your usual cheery self :-)

C x

Tamsyn Murray said...

Poor puss. My cat is an utter wuss - I had to chase a cat off on her behalf the other day, whilst she sat and quivered.
Glad the writing is back on track :-)

Tamsyn Murray said...

Just had another look at the photo. She isn't a cat, is she??

Unknown said...

Every writer needs to take a pause now and again to regroup. I have no doubt you will be back up to speed very soon.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

tom foolery - thanks for the reminder (of your picture) I'm back to my old self again, thankfully.

carol - she is a sweetie, and so brave. I would love a cheesecake diet too.

tam - you cat sounds sweet, thank heavens you were there to rescue him.

No, it's a dog but she's the size of a cat.

chad aaron sayban - I think you're right. I've taken a couple of days away from the writing and am rearing to go again, thankfully.