Tuesday 12 August 2008

Missing Poppies & Lost Cars

R cooked a lovely meal last night that included some of our carrots from his vegetable patch. After supper, I gaily trotted out to do my 100 words per day in the shed but as I stepped out of the back door, I noticed something was missing. Yes, my damn poppies. His lordship in his wisdom had decided to dig them up and tried to tell me that they had finished blooming. Yeah, as if I can't tell the difference between one that has bloomed and one that hasn't.

I marched inside, "You've dug up my poppies."
"They were finished and anyway I needed to get to the carrots."
"But you've dug up my poppies," I said, not one to be distracted.
"What is the place called where they were growing?"
"A vegetable patch," I replied not feeling at all like Felicity Kendall.
"I don't care, you've still dug up my damn poppies." With that I flounced out to the shed, passed the bare patch of ground pictured above and consoled myself with a few midget gems.

That wasn't the only thing to go missing. After years of having my own parking space, I recently gave it up due to the unjustified expense of having it and the distance it was from our new offices. This is the second week that I've been using the public car park and as I wandered in a confused state around rows of cars after work, a colleague came up to me. "You alright?" she asked a big grin on her face.
"I can't remember where I parked the car."
"Debs, you big tick," she said (she's a lovely Irish girl) as she walked off giggling.

I'm reading, The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it. Ah well, better get on, words to type, books to read, children to feed, bare patches of ground to stare at.


Yvonne said...

I'd be raging about the poppies too, they are gorgeous. How bawld is your work colleague for calling you a big thick! You should give her a clout around the ear next time!

Jenny Beattie said...

Oooh, I'm so sorry for the loss of your poppies. I love poppies.

HelenMWalters said...

Ooh Agatha Christie! Now, as you know, I'm not buying any books at the moment due to the fact that my tbr pile is so huge (although not as huge as yours x), but on Sunday I did buy 'Agatha Christie - A Reader's Companion', by Vanessa Wagstaff and Stephen Poole. I've only flicked through it so far, but it looks fab!

Unknown said...

Could there be a poem of mournful horticultural loss coming from the shed tomorrow? It sounds like real life inspiration to me.

Tamsyn Murray said...

I love poppies. Time for Operation Shock and Awe, Debs. Take no prisoners.

Kerry said...

Sorry to hear about the poppies. At least you got carrots though - I will always take food over flowers, my belly is simply bigger than my eyes!!

Carol said...

Awww....your poppies were so lovely!! I don't think I would have been very happy either....

I'm completely crap with cars...when I was learning to drive my Hubby asked what kind of car I was learning in....I looked at him and in typical girly fashion said 'Erm....a blue one'. He nearly fell off the chair laughing when my instructor turned up the next day in a red car!!! My 'Well, how should I know...I'm inside the bloody thing' did absolutely nothing to calm his guffaws!!

C x

Pat Posner said...

Tell his Lordship that poppies growing in with vegetables prevent carrot fly and all sorts of other nasties that nibble growing veggies.
He'll soon replant the poppies.

Amanda said...

Poppies are wonderful. How could carrots possibly be more important? :-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - she's lovely really and I think she recognized the expression on my face as apparently she's always doing the same thing.

jj - I know, isn't he a pain.

helenmh - that sounds great. I've bought 'Miss Marple's Final Cases' & After the Funeral too.

chad aaron sayban - I'm sure there would if I was remotely good at poetry, which I'm not.

tam - I did tell him that if he did that again, I would rip out all his tenderly cared for tomato plants!

kerry - the carrots were tasty, so all was not lost I suppose.

carol - that's so funny. I did the same thing when we were selling a house and the chap who was interested commented on our garage looking rather small. I told him my car fitted in well and when he asked what it was, I told him it was a green one. Must be a female thing.

pat posner - I shall certainly do that. Serves him right if his carrots get infested now.

annie bright - I agree completely.