Friday 8 February 2008

Busy doing nothing

I was sent this pic today with an email saying, "I will be unable to return emails today as something has crashed on my keyboard." So adorable.

As it's Friday (thank heaven's for that) everyone at work was talking about what they are doing over the weekend and when I was asked I replied, "Nothing really." It was only on the way home in the car - stuck in an endless queue of traffic - it occurred to me that my idea of nothing is:

Tonight: Collect J & S from the bus, take J for a haircut and S to the shop for birthday card for friend and food etc, meet J and go home. Cook supper, then drop J off at his job. Write for a bit and put a wash in the machine, collect J then relax and watch tv.

Saturday: Shops for papers, take S to buy her friend a present, home & write for a bit, take Grumpy for a walk, drop S at friend's house, home to write and do more washing etc then collect S later in the evening.

Sunday: Help dh in the garden for a couple of hours, re-pot other plants that haven't got round to doing as yet, bellow at least 3 times to wake J and then drop him off at his job, home to write or whatever then collect J and in between make lunch, supper etc.

That is my idea (like most parents, I should think) of a weekend doing absolutely nothing! Hey, I'm not complaining, I would rather do this that be at work any day of the week.


Lane Mathias said...

Nothing rarely actually means nothing does it, which is sad because I actually like really doing nothing. And there's no Jam and Jersusalem tonight. Wah.

Enjoy your 'empty' weekend Debs:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - NOooooooooooooooo, I forgot that Jam & Jerusalem had finished, pants! I so loved that programme and always made me laugh. I also like doing absolutely nothing, probably because it so rarely happens.

HelenMWalters said...

That sounds like a whole lot of exhausting nothing to me!

Annieye said...

I TOTALLY agree with your last sentence. I am fed-up with going to work. Having four weeks off before Christmas/New Year has just made me yearn to throw in the towel altogether. The stupid brochure I got in the post this morning just reinforced it.

The trouble with local government at the moment is that it's all icing and no cake. Perhaps the private sector is that way too? Is it?

Anonymous said...

I love doing nothing but prefer to be busy otherwise I get all grumpy and stressed. With my 2 I have to make time to do nothing or Id collapse! Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Only in maldives did I really do nothing which was utter bliss but there is something comfrting and normal about the usual doing nothing!!!

Jenny Beattie said...

Hmmm, parenthood, eh? I've had nothing planned today, and yet it's nearly 5pm and I've just got in front of my pc.

And what am I doing, but blogging?


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - I thought it was nothing until I had time to think how busy nothing was. I usually do it without noticing.

annieye - It must have been horribly hard to go back after a whole month off and I bet it went too quickly. My friend is off for 9 months maternity leave and is already dreading coming back (only been gone a month).

At work they have to do all these courses, etc to keep up with the new legislation and cover themselves (I believe). Unfortunately it all filters down and gives us so much more work, so there is cake underneath it in finance at least but it is so hard fitting everything in. I work so much harder than even 7 years ago. I think government is a different animal and sounds quite exhausting to be a part of. I know our government certainly seems to be all icing and no cake.

motherx - Just reading what your day consists of is exhausting to me. I dont know how you do it and I do admire you. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

liz - you're right and I do love the ordinaryness of it all and think that in no time at all they will probably have left home and then I shall have all the time I need to relax. I know I shall miss all this then. The Maldives looked incredibly beautiful, I would love to go there sometime.

jj - I know what you mean. I love blogging and only discovered it several months ago but have learned so much, so maybe you could put it down to research. It's probably on of the ways us bloggers relax to.


Chris Stovell said...

Hi Debs - I've just got back from my fortnight of really doing nothing... ok a bit of writing but I can thoroughly recommend it!

Thank you SO much for my award, how very kind of you. I'm hoping to be back up to blogging speed by Wednesday so will pick it up then. Yes, that's the other side of doing nothing - you do twice as much afterwards... although I do get to see Gene Hunt on Thursday which is a good reason for coming home!