Tuesday 12 February 2008

I'm in the middle of reading Julie Cohen's Spirit Willing Flesh Weak and loving it. I've also read Featured Attraction too and totally adored Oz - glorious hunk on a bike (the type with a motor, not the pedalling kind, I don't think bicycle clips have quite the same je ne sais quois as leathers).

As Philip Glenister was to be a guest on The Chris Moyles Show this morning, I agreed to drive the youngsters to school - yes, the dreaded school run - so that they could listen to the radio. Sitting through the traffic I had to endure questions such as, "Are you sure he was supposed to be on this morning?" and "Aww I bet we've missed him." Unfortunately for them PG was held up in traffic and only arrived in the studio as both teenagers were stepping out of the car. "Never mind," said I doing my utmost to cheer them up. "You can always listen to it later on iTube." They found this hysterically funny and both ambled off up their hills to school in hysterics.

It's the last one of Mistresses tonight, so I shall sit back with a glass of rose and enjoy that. I'm not quite sure where they all get their energy from to be honest, but it's fun to watch.


HelenMWalters said...

Enjoy Mistresses, I'm afraid it's passed me by. I'm quite tempted by the programme about 'How To Make Better Decisions' on BBC 2. Could be very timely!

Lucy Diamond said...

I liked Mistresses - loved the way it all wrapped up last night. And I so wish I had Trudi's house!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - Mistresses was great fun, maybe you can catch it when it's repeated on Sky. I think I should have had a look at your programme too.

lucy diamond - I thought they wrapped it up brilliantly. I hope there's a second series, I would think so. I agree about Trudi's house, it was gorgeous.