Wednesday 31 October 2007


And Happy Birthday to Andrea too! I'm fitting writing today's blog in between helping my daughter get ready for a Halloween Party that she's going to.

Honestly, I thought I took an age to decide what to wear. She was supposed to be going as a bat but doesn't want to now and is going as a cross between "Jason" and "Freddie". She has the "Jason" claw hand and hat and the "Freddie" mask and cleaver. At least, I think that's what she said. She has just gone to my wardrobe to find a suitable top!??!?!? I'm not quite sure what that says about my taste in clothes. I know that I can look slightly un-Elle MacPherson-like on the odd occasion (several years older, feet shorter and rather rounder) but to suggest that my attire has shades of a known psychopathic killer is somewhat disturbing! Maybe its her subtle way of suggesting that I need a makeover!!!

I shall drop her off and then race home to watch the National TV Awards and hope that the divine Richard Armitage puts in an appearance. Mind you I gather that Life on Mars is on the shortlist so even if he doesn't all won't be lost if I get a peak at Philip Glenister. Bless him! I don't know who enjoyed Life on Mars more, me or the children. My son kept saying how he envied me living in the seventies and wouldn't believe me when I insisted that my life consisted of going to school in Jersey and was not nearly as thrilling as the racing around in an orangy/brown Cortina somewhere in Manchester as depicted in the series.

Enjoyed watching next week's episode of Spooks last night and seeing so many of the places that the husband and I visited last weekend. So exciting! Have just been told that I have to be ready to leave in 5 minutes as I'm now collecting one of daughter's friends... Enjoy your evening.

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