Wednesday, 24 October 2007


I have a friend who is a little concerned by my Richard Armitage obsession and so to balance it up - and for her too - here is a tasty little picture of the heavenly Rupert Penry-Jones who thankfully for me and my friend Andrea is now gracing our screens in the brilliant Spooks on a Tuesday night. Unfortunately, having the patience of a gnat (do they have any at all?) I then turn to BBC3 (I think it is) and watch next weeks episode. This is all well and good but then next week I have to watch the same episode again...

I am happier today as it is nearly the weekend. Yes I do know its only Wednesday but hey thats better than a Monday!

Off to the shed!


What next from Fee? said...

Rupert is MINE! Am signing up to be an agent ASAP - think the ondercover work is me..... Fee

Leigh Russell said...

Personally I'm not sure that I don't prefer grumpy below... No, seriously, Rupert is gorgeous. I'm disappointed in the new series of Spooks though. I think they've been watching too much 24 and are modelling Spooks on it. I preferred the earlier version, less action packed with a slower build up. It was far more tense and believable. I also preferred having a complete story in each episode. I still watch it though!