Monday, 22 October 2007


You think he looks grumpy? You should see my face. I hate Mondays and am glad that the work day is well and truly over... until tomorrow morning! Boo hiss!


Leigh Russell said...

He looks a little strange, actually, with his white eyes! I wonder whether I should tell you about a book I have coming out in the spring... No, I'll remind you that George Bernard Shaw wrote in a shed at the bottom of his garden. It didn't seem to do him any harm. His shed revolved so he could follow the sun. Does your shed do that? Maybe that's the problem with your life at the moment. Or maybe you're just grumpy. Mondays do seem to do that to people, don't they? Fortunately this one's nearly over and it'll soon be Tuesday. What a relief! Will your dog's eyes revert to normal then? Pop by my blog sometime. You never know - I might be feeling grumpy too! You'll be welcome any day of the week, anyway.

Leigh Russell said...

Still grumpy? It's not even Monday! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my book cover. Glad you like it. Keep in touch.