Thursday 25 October 2007

Yay - its the weekend (for me anyway)

After a completely vile day at work I have now thankfully finished for the next four days. Sheer bliss! It couldnt come quickly enough either. Have been writing madly, well not like a mad person or anything but getting those words from brain (mushy though it is) to screen and am thoroughly enjoying it too. I wish I could do this all day and not the day job!

Am off to bath and blow dry (with hairdryer, not personally) the poor dog. I don't know who hates it more, him or me. Well, I suppose it must be him but tough. Sometimes we have to do things even when we don't want to and when you're only 14 inches tall you don't stand much of a chance against a determined female who is 51 inches bigger than you happen to be!

Happy Friday for tomorrow. The shed beckons so bye for now.


What next from Fee? said...

Hope the shed is heated! Its getting pretty nippy....

Leigh Russell said...

I just noticed the picture of your shed. It looks like a real haven. Do you have heat and light and a kettle in there? I want one!